Preparing to Go: London


Syracuse London Program Dates

Syracuse London Center

Faraday House
48-51 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AE
Tel: (011-44) 207-400-9310

London staff contact information

Mailing Letters and Packages to Syracuse London Students:

Students will have a mail bin at the Syracuse London Center so all mail should be sent to the above Center address (not to a student’s flat address).

Staying Connected on Social Media

You can stay connected by following @syracuseabroad and @syracuselondon on Twitter, @syracuseabroad and @sulondon on Facebook and @syracuseabroad on Instagram.

Traveling to London

There are two options for travel to London. You can choose to participate in a group flight, offered by Advantage Travel, or you may choose to make your own travel arrangements and meet the group upon arrival in London. Admitted students receive an email detailing both options.

Group Flights

Participating in a group flight allows you the opportunity to travel to London with other students on our program as well as a Syracuse University group leader. Upon arrival in London, the Syracuse London Center staff will meet you at the airport and provide you with transportation to your flat.

Group flight tickets are round-trip. It is important to note, however, that group leaders are not on the return flights to the U.S. You are responsible for getting to the airport in London for your return to the U.S.

Independent Travel

If traveling independently to London for the Fall 2019 semester:

  • When selecting your independent flight to London, you must not choose a flight that will land first in the Republic of Ireland. Because Ireland is part of the Common Area, you will not go through immigration and border control when you arrive in London, which means you will not be able to get the short term study visa or have the Tier IV visa stamped – in other words, you would not be allowed to study abroad. Instead you would be required to turn around and leave the country immediately, go to another country, and re-enter the UK through an appropriate border.
  • You must purchase a flight that arrives in London by 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3. Your return flight should depart London on or after December 20.
  • You will receive an independent travel memo detailing where to go after arrival in London.
  • You will need to take a train and/or taxi from the airport to your accommodation. You will not be able to take group transportation with the students on the group flight.
    • If you have not made your own arrangements for getting into London from Heathrow or Gatwick and you’d like the assurance of someone meeting you, former Syracuse London students have used Greater London Hire (GLH). Their phone number is (011-44) 207-490-4222 if you would like to contact them in advance to inquire about prices and to make a booking. If your flight is early/late they will text you personally.
    • Try posting a request on the Syracuse London Fall 2019 Facebook Page – if there is another Syracuse London-bound student on your flight (and there might well be, given so many of you arrive the same day) you could meet up and split the cost of the taxi.

Traveling pre- and post-semester abroad:

U.S. and Canadian citizens are allowed 90 days outside of the dates of your visa for travel. Your visa will be issued for the exact program dates (not your exact travel dates) so you must be certain that your arrival and departure from the EU fall within the allotted 90-day window. For example, if you plan on arriving to the EU two days before the official program start date, then you must exit the EU within 88 days after the official program end date. There are no exceptions, and failure to comply could result in immediate deportation and/or criminal charges. Plan your travel accordingly! Syracuse University will not be responsible for students who fail to comply.

International students should check with their own consulate before making travel plans regarding length of travel allowed around their visa and make their flight reservations accordingly. Students who are not traveling on a U.S. or EU passport will need to check whether tourist and/or transit visas such as a Schengen visa will be necessary for travel to countries included in the Seminar(s), course excursions, or during personal travel throughout the semester.

Living in London


Orientation begins upon arrival in London and lasts through the first week (Tuesday through Friday). Attending all of orientation from Day One is mandatory. Failure to adhere to the advice provided regarding booking appropriate travel will result in immediate suspension from all Syracuse London programming – including, but not limited to activities Love London Week and all-school weekend or one day trips pending a meeting with either the Assistant Director for Teaching & Learning or the Assistant Director for Programming & Student Life.

During orientation, you will meet our London staff, familiarize yourself with Faraday House and the city of London, and connect with other students on the program. You will also take care of many business items that will prepare you for the semester.

Syracuse London Flats

Syracuse London takes great care in selecting flats for our students to live in. You will live with other Syracuse London students in independent flats in the city center (zone 1), within 30 minutes of the Syracuse London Center by bus, Tube, or walking. The flats we select are self-contained independent properties, each in their own neighborhood with their own local shops and amenities. As a Syracuse London student, you will truly feel that you have ‘your’ corner of London, your neighborhood, as your home for the semester and as your base for exploring the city and beyond. However, it’s also important to note that all properties being offered will differ in size, structure, configuration, and location. Not all properties will be uniform in any way.

Unlimited Travel in the City

All Syracuse London students apply for an Oyster card for zones 1 and 2 for the whole semester – which means you have unlimited travel around central London at no cost. London truly becomes your ‘Oyster’, as the Oyster card promises.

  • Spring students will receive their Oyster Card registration email with instructions two weeks before they are set to arrive to allow enough time for the cards to arrive to Faraday House. Any delays in the card arriving is at TfL’s discretion and students must cover their independent travel around the city until their 18+ Oyster Card arrives.
  • Fall students cannot apply for their 18+ Oyster Cards until September 1, which means they must cover their own travel until their Oyster Card is delivered to Faraday House.

Every Oyster Card application requires a £20 fee. The students must pay this independently. This is not refunded.

Selecting Flatmates

The London admissions counselor at Syracuse Abroad and the staff at Syracuse London work with all students as soon as they are accepted, forming you into housing groups. You can choose groups yourself or we can introduce you to other students and assist. When the assignments are ready, we will notify each student and each housing group about the location and details of your flat, so you can begin planning and coordinating.

When you arrive in London, we will arrange a taxi (for Group Flight students only) to take you and your flatmates to your new home. We’ll also have many staff and orientation guides on hand to assist, even going with you or meeting you at your flat if you have questions.

Included with each flat: WiFi, maintenance, council tax & utilities, damages clause built into contract, and basic kitchen supplies.

We recommend all students obtain their own bedding upon arrival. Staff and Student Guides can provide advice on where these items can be purchased.

Managing Expectations

As you visualize your London flat, it’s important to keep in mind local norms. Flats in London – in most big cities – are smaller than what some students might expect. It’s also an old city with more historic buildings than new builds, so most flats will not have brand new features or pristine conditions. Electricity and gas equipment (lights, ovens, washing machines, outlets, etc.) may be different than what you’re used to. Flats will also differ from one another because each one is unique. And Londoners think nothing of a 30-minute commute – the average commute in the city is one hour – so it’s important to see distances through local eyes and local norms.

Technology Information

Electronic equipment is considerably more expensive in the UK so we strongly recommend that you buy laptops, tablets, external hard drives, etc. before you travel. If you haven’t done so already, invest in an external hard drive (LaCie, Seagate, Iomega, and Western Digital are good choices). Use it regularly to back up college work and your photos and videos. Remember to pack all cables and, more importantly, restore/recovery and installation discs that came with your laptop (in the event that anything should go wrong).

Computers are available for Syracuse London students at Faraday House. The computer lab is located on the second floor in room SR 205 and operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. The computer lab is open during term time Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Faraday House and the computer lab are closed on the weekends. Extended opening hours in the run up to midterm and final exams will be announced in London. Shortened opening hours will operate during mid-semester break.

Students use their existing SU NetID and password for logging on to Syracuse London computer room machines. All communication from Syracuse London will be sent to your email so it is imperative you check this regularly.

Help with Computers

Syracuse London does not have the resources to offer extensive advice or assistance with computer problems. Although Syracuse London can help you find a reasonably affordable local repair service, it’s always best to get coverage from the manufacturer. For example, Apple and Dell will repair American machines in the UK, but only under certain warranties. Check the terms of your warranty to see if you are covered for repairs outside of the US. If not, you may be able to purchase an international upgrade to your existing domestic warranty for your time abroad. We strongly advise you to secure this additional coverage before coming to London. Local contact details for product support in the UK should be available on your manufacturer’s website.

If you need to report a fault with the computers in the computer lab, email Marco Figueiredo, the Assistant Director for IT & Operations, is also available to answer questions about other IT facilities and access to Blackboard and library services.

Adapters and other computer accessories are readily available in various stores; the Faraday House staff can direct you to the nearest and cheapest options.

Wireless Internet – AirOrangeX

Syracuse London provides free wireless access to students, staff and faculty. To log on to the network choose ‘AirOrangeX’ as your wireless network from your list of available networks and use your SU-issued NetID and password to log in. For students coming from Syracuse, your devices may connect automatically as it is the same network as you use back on home campus. All users should note that the wireless connection is provided by the home campus and as such is monitored by them. Users must adhere to the policies and guidelines outlined by Syracuse University.

U.S. wireless cards and equipment will work fine in the UK.

Cell Phones

Most students purchase a cell phone when they arrive in the UK. However, if you are an AT&T or T-Mobile customer, you may be able to use your phone in the UK. You will need to get your phone “unlocked” when you arrive. Request the code to “unlock” your phone and instructions prior to your departure. You can then purchase a SIM card in the UK and use your phone while you are abroad. If you want to purchase a phone for use in London, the several local stores offer an excellent low price.

While the use of a British cell phone or SIM card is encouraged for the duration of the program, we still recommend that you bring your U.S. cell phone for use on the transatlantic travel dates (departure and return flights to/from the United States). In the event of a travel delay or flight change, it is helpful to have your cell phone in the airport so you can contact your family and Syracuse Abroad.

Architecture and Design Studios

Our studios are open whenever the building is open: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Faraday House and all studios are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Extended opening hours in the run-up to midterm and final exams will be announced in London. Shortened opening hours will operate during mid-semester break.

Work Study

Syracuse students only: Work-study positions are available at the Syracuse London center. If you have work-study as part of your Syracuse University financial aid package, you will be able to apply for available positions during orientation. You MUST have a Tier 4 visa in order to be considered for a work-study position at Syracuse London. Please consult your counselor Joelle Orecki if you have questions about applying for the Tier 4 visa. If you would like to apply for a work-study position at Syracuse London and have a Tier 4 visa, please contact the Internships & Community Relations Manager Becca Farnum.

Please remember it is illegal to work abroad unless your visa states that you have this option. If you are apprehended working illegally, you are subject to immediate deportation.

Health Information

Healthcare is not free in London, you will need to ensure you have adequate health insurance coverage while you study abroad.

Information for Students with Allergies

As you may know, most general practitioners within the British health system are unable to administer allergy shots. You may, however, be able to bring the following items with you to London: your medication, a reference letter from your physician in the United States and your physician’s case notes pertaining to your injections. If you have a serious allergy, please carry a medical alert card with you at all times.

Syracuse London staff has located a clinic that is able to administer allergy shots—the London Allergy Clinic (Tel: 020 7637 9711. Lister House Suite 2A 11-12, Wimple Street, London W1G 9ST) Before your first treatment, you will be required to have a consultation, which will cost approximately £150*. Any shots or further treatments will cost approximately £60*. You must follow these guidelines:

  • Bring your medication with you in the original containers. The contents of all vials must be clearly and accurately labeled.
  • Bring a prescription schedule from your physician in the US, outlining what shots you have received to date and what you will need.
  • Bring a reference letter from your physician in the U.S. and carry a copy of your medical file, or at least the case notes pertaining to your allergy medication.
  • Bring a copy of your skin prick test results.
  • Carry the medication and the authorization in your carry-on luggage. DO NOT pack medication in your checked luggage.
  • Budget for the extra cost of private medical care.
  • Check with your medical insurance provider in the US regarding coverage and reimbursement for allergy shots and private care while in London.
  • Contact Lisa Watkins, Health and Wellness Advisor, upon arrival in London.

*Prices correct as of October 2018.

Remember that medical practices in the UK reserve the right to only administer treatments that they determine to be indicated and appropriate. Our students have almost never encountered any problems, but if yours is an unusual situation or you require a very high dosage, you might want to contact the clinic prior to departure to make certain that your request is something they can handle.

If you have further questions, contact Bridget Demorest, Syracuse Abroad Assistant Director, Student Services, at or (315) 443-1844.


Your good health is vital to excelling academically and participating fully in living and traveling abroad. To help support you in staying healthy, Syracuse London is partnered with the highly regarded clinic, DocTap. If you become ill and need to see a medical doctor, Syracuse London will pay for your initial visit to DocTap. In order to be seen by a DocTap General Practitioner (GP), you can either book yourself in on the online system all students will be registered to or you can get in touch with a member of the Program Office to get booked online.

Many students have reported positively on the healthcare they have received from the doctors at DocTap so far. You can email them or call them at 020 7183 3254 to ask a question. They can supply the paperwork you need for your insurance company.

Most importantly, please let us know if you have any major health problems or concerns, so that we’re in the best position to help you.


Syracuse London Program Cost


A Visa or MasterCard bank card with an international PIN (personal identification number) is the best way to access money in London. Check with your bank to be sure your ATM card can be used in foreign countries and to find out about any ATM/transaction fees.

Note that Bank of America and the UK bank, Barclays, have an agreement where U.S. customers will not be charged an ATM fee. HSBC banks in London will also not charge fees to U.S. customers. Please see the Finances Abroad section for more information on banking while abroad.

Academic Information

Enrollment Policies

All undergraduate students must enroll on a full-time basis and register for a minimum of 12 credits of Syracuse Abroad courses taught in London (this does not include a Signature Seminar, online credits, nor independent study courses with a Syracuse main campus sponsor). Due to UK immigration requirements, students may not drop below 12 credits of Syracuse Abroad courses taught in London at any point during the semester.

Undergraduates may register for up to 19 total credits, including the credits for an optional Signature Seminar and all other classes at no additional charge.


Punctual class attendance is mandatory at Syracuse University London. It is also monitored by the UK government authorities for purposes of immigration compliance. To comply with Syracuse London policies, professors are required to take attendance in every class and course-related activity. Professors are also required to report any unusual or repeated absence or tardiness to the Program Office. An absence is excused only for documented and serious medical problems, or for reasons approved in advance by the Program Office. Parental, friend or sweetheart visits, missed transportation connections, mild colds, headaches or hangovers, weekend or unofficial trips away from Syracuse London, etc., are not acceptable grounds for missing class and will result in an unexcused absence.

Do not plan personal travel until you get to London and know when you may be required to take part in a class-related study tour, make-up classes, exam periods, and other academic commitments. Some of these visits will occur on weekends, and missing them will result in an unexcused absence. Each unexcused absence may result in a lowering of the final course grade.

Please note that exam schedules at the end of the semester do not necessarily coincide with class days, so students should not plan any departure prior to the published last day of the program.


Online course registration occurs prior to departure with dates announced in the academic packet available to students soon after the application deadline. Enrollment in specific disciplines may be limited during online registration to certain majors or students accepted to certain London Programs. You will need special permission from our office to register for any courses designated in the academic packet as “Special Enrollment.” To be considered for these courses, you must meet any prerequisites, submit and, later, upload your Student Advising Form by the specified deadlines, and list the Special Enrollment course among the first four courses on the form. You will receive registration instructions one to two weeks before registration starts. Students eligible to enroll in Special Enrollment courses will be notified before the online registration period starts.

Visits and Course Fees

Many courses get you out of the classroom and into museums, theaters, and cultural and religious centers where you will view or experience what you are studying. The timetable of classes in the academic packet will indicate whether additional fees and/or site visits or meetings other than classroom time are required of these courses.


The London Center will review requests for internships for students who submit the Internship Application Form by the deadline: April 15 for the fall semester, and October 15 for the spring semester. Please note there will be financial penalties for withdrawing from the internship at various times throughout the process as outlined in the Internship Commitment Form, which students will receive later in the semester after their video pre-placement interview.

Students choosing to find an internship independently, through personal connections or family contacts, must complete the Syracuse London Independent Internship Form. While students sourcing their own placements will not receive a placement through the London Center, they will also need to abide by the below requirements and submit the Independent Internship Form by April 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for spring.

Students considering an internship should also understand:

  • You must have a Tier 4 visa (at a cost to you of £322, or approximately $520) to work in an internship, whether placement is managed by Syracuse London or found independently.
  • All placements require at least two full days’ commitment on-site per week so you need to work out a class schedule that leaves two days open, one of which may need to be a Friday. There are no classes on Fridays as those are reserved for field trips. If you are unable to work out a class schedule that leaves two days other than Friday free, you will not be able to participate in the Friday field trips, most of which are included in the program fee. No refunds will be given if you can’t attend the field trips.
  • If you intend for an internship to meet a degree requirement, discuss this with your home college or major advisor before you go abroad, and also inform the London center.
  • All interns are legally required by UK immigration to enroll in the academic component of the internship program, BUA 400, The Global Workplace, a 2-hour weekly class earning 3 credits (inclusive of credits for the internship).
  • Syracuse Bandier students register for The Global Workplace as RAE 400.1. Music industry majors and minors placed in music industry internships register for this class as MUI 408. Human Development and Family Science majors/minors register for the class as CFS 493.
  • Syracuse Newhouse students in communications internships must register The Global Workplace class for 2 credits and their internship as COM 470 for 1 credit. In addition, before going abroad, they must arrange for a main campus Newhouse faculty sponsor and will need to petition for approval once the internship is confirmed. Approval is based on the proposal you submit which is subject to review by the communications department and your college dean.
  • Syracuse Whitman students may not use internships abroad to fulfill their internship degree requirement. Students are encouraged to discuss any internship plan with Whitman advising staff.
  • Syracuse iSchool students in placements related to information studies must also complete iSchool internship requirements via Blackboard.

For further information regarding internships in London, please contact Dr. Becca Farnum, the Internship & Community Relations Manager, at