Post-Acceptance Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance to Syracuse University Abroad! Here are the next few steps to complete as you prepare for your study abroad experience:

  1. Make sure you are checking your email address every day. Syracuse Abroad staff expects that you will receive and read email in a timely manner. Your failure to receive and read communications delivered to your official email address in a timely manner does not absolve you from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.
  2. Secure your place in the program by paying your advanced payment (visiting students and Florence program participants only).
  3. Complete all post-acceptance forms by logging back into your OrangeAbroad portal and checking your dashboard for incomplete items.
  4. Obtain or renew your passport, if needed. Visit the State Department website for more information on the passport application process.
  5. Visa (if applicable): Apply for your student/travel visa. Please follow your program advisor’s instructions and read our passport and visa information.
  6. Meet our Global Ambassadors! The best way to understand what to expect when you are abroad is to talk to someone who has already participated in the program.
  7. Financial aid: Visiting students should add Syracuse University (code 002882) to their FAFSA filing to be considered for financial aid. More information regarding grants and scholarships is available here.
  8. Complete your student advising form, which is due within two weeks of receipt of the academic packet.
  9. Syracuse students: If applicable, cancel on-campus housing for your semester abroad. You must cancel housing for the fall semester by July 1 and spring semester by the last week in November. For more information visit, Studying Abroad – Student Living.
  10. Join the Facebook group for your center – your program advisor will email you an invitation to join.
  11. Follow your Center on Instagram: @syracuseuflorence, @syracuseulondon, @syracuseumadrid, @syracuseusantiago, @syracuseustrasbourg
  12. Review your health insurance plan. Make sure it provides adequate coverage while you are outside of the United States.
  13. Follow your program advisor’s instructions to purchase a flight. Information will be emailed to you after your acceptance.
  14. If you are overseas and won’t be home to vote in a local or national election (or primary), you can make arrangements to receive an absentee ballot. Check with your local election board if you have questions about the procedure you must follow.