Living in Florence

In Florence, students can choose between four options for housing: a homestay with an Italian family, apartment, The Student Hotel (a residence hall), or Camplus (a residence hall). Students will indicate preference in one of these options in the Housing Form questionnaire found as a post-acceptance item on their OrangeAbroad student portal.

Architecture students: You are assigned apartment housing by default and may request to live in a homestay on your Housing Form. Homestay assignment may be granted based on availability. Architecture students cannot be housed in either student residence (TSH or Camplus).

See Independent Housing Policy below

Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations should indicate this while completing their post-decision questionnaire “Accommodations for Students with Disabilities” due within 10 days of acceptance. View Disability Accommodations Abroad to learn more.

Living with a host family – an authentic Italian experience

host family florence
2022 students with host family

While you’re studying in Florence, you may live with a host family. Time and again, Florence alumni say their host family experience was the most valuable part of their time abroad. The combination of formal Italian lessons and home-based language practice with native speakers has proven to be an authentic, effective means of learning a language. Moreover, being part of a family means participating directly in Italian daily life—the best way to gain insights into and integrate fully with a culture.

Syracuse Florence has been working with our host families for years (and decades, in some cases)! Host families are carefully screened by the Florence Housing Office. Staff will use the information from your housing form to match you with a family that is compatible with your needs (dietary, smoking/non-smoking, pet allergies, do/don’t like pets etc.). Your hosts represent all walks of life and professions: large families, retired couples, divorced or single individuals, parents and couples with or without children. Host families are located throughout Florence, with the maximum distance of a host family being a 35-minute commute from the Syracuse Florence Center (by combination of transportation and walking).

Host family features:

  • Double room with shared bathroom (with only the roommate or entire household)
  • Utilities covered; Wi-Fi; towels and bedding included
  • One weekly washing machine load for personal items
  • Weekly room cleaning and change of towels/bedding
  • Small pantry space and use of microwave (when available)
  • 12 meals weekly (7 breakfasts, 5 dinners)
  • Monthly bus pass reimbursements


Apartments are booked in advance by the Florence Housing Office and assigned to students by using the information from your housing form. All apartments have fully furnished kitchens and bedrooms, and are equipped with basic utilities such as washing machines, kitchen utensils, towels and bedding. Apartments vary in size and have a shared common kitchen area with dining table and additional seating. A separate common living room as students may think of it in the States is less common in Florentine apartments. Apartments are located throughout Florence, with the maximum distance of an apartment being a 35-minute commute from the Syracuse Florence Center (by combination of transportation and walking).

Apartment features:

  • Shared bedroom in 2-to-6-person apartment (average of 4 – no single rooms are available)
  • Shared living kitchen (functions as a living or common area)
  • Utilities covered
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kitchenware, bedding, and towels included
  • Washing machine
  • Food allowance (equivalent of groceries for 7 breakfasts, 5 dinners weekly)
  • Mid-semester common area cleaning
  • Monthly bus pass reimbursements

The Student Hotel (residence hall)

We offer a limited amount of single rooms at The Student Hotel (TSH). This hotel accommodates short term travelers, but also offers long term residence to students. Per its website, “Our Florence location is more than a hotel: it’s a hub for co-living and co-working where travelers, locals and students get together to learn, stay, work and play.” In this hotel, which is set in a converted palazzo, students will stay in a fully furnished room and will have access to a shared kitchen, on-site laundry, study space, pool (seasonal), and many more amenities. The Student Hotel is a 20 minute walk from the Syracuse Florence Center.

the student hotel florenceTSH features (single room):

  • Single room with private bath
  • Access to on-site shared kitchen, kitchenware included
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bedding and towels included
  • Monthly room cleaning
  • Food allowance (equivalent of groceries for 7 breakfasts, 5 dinners weekly)
  • Bike rental included
  • Gym and pool access (Seasonal)

Camplus (residence hall)

Camplus is a residence hall which provides double rooms with an en-suite bathroom, shared common areas, study rooms, a communal kitchen, a gym, a recreation room, an in-house restaurant, laundry facilities, several outdoor common spaces, as well as Wi-fi service in all areas of the residence. Camplus is a 27-minute walk or a 17-minute commute (combination of public transportation and walking) from the Syracuse Florence Center. Additionally, Camplus is located a short distance from TSH (3 min bike ride or 10 minute walk from TSH).

camplus florenceCamplus features (double room):

  • Double room with en suite bath
  • Spring 2023 Meal Plan: 12 meals weekly at on-site restaurant, including 7 breakfasts and 5 dinners (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays)
  • Access to on-site shared kitchen (kitchenware not included)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sheets/towels included
  • Weekly room cleaning and change sheets/towels
  • Gym access
  • Monthly bus pass reimbursements

Independent Housing Policy

Syracuse University’s policy requires all students to reside in program housing unless they meet specific criteria and are granted a waiver through a petition process.  Our independent housing petition process is limited to students who meet one of the following criteria: religious reasons, disability disclosure that cannot be accommodated by program housing, or family member resides in the city of program.

The deadline for submitting the independent housing petition form waiver is May 1 (for fall semester) and October 1 (for spring semester). View Independent Housing Policy for more information.

Please note that while we will try to honor your housing preference, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the housing option that you prefer due to space limitations in each of the housing options.