Living in Buenos Aires & Santiago

Photo: O. Budelmann, host family in Santiago

In the fall, most students choose to participate in the two-city program experience in Buenos Aires and Santiago. In both locations, you’ll live with a host family for an immersive living experience. Host families will allow you to practice your Spanish and gain insight into Latin American culture and lifestyles. You will be placed with experienced and caring host families – this is crucial in terms of safety and cultural adaptation.

In the spring, students will live with a host family in Santiago for the duration of the semester.

Remember that in the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of what you’re experiencing in the United States! December is summertime and June is mid-winter.

Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations should indicate this while completing their post-decision questionnaire “Accommodations for Students with Disabilities” due within 10 days of acceptance. Visit Disability Accommodations Abroad to learn more.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo: O. Budelmann, Buenos Aires

Argentina, the melting pot of European and Latino culture in South America, is home to outstanding food, an exciting cultural scene and a welcoming atmosphere for diversity.

Argentina has been a regional pioneer in developing progressive legislation: social legislation, environmental protection laws, and it was the first country in the region to legalize same-sex marriage. In the fall, you’ll receive two meals per day from your host family in Buenos Aires.

Santiago, Chile

In Santiago, glass high-rises stand tall against the backdrop of the Andes. Santiago, home to 5 million people, is Chile’s largest city and its capital. You’ll commute from your host family’s house to class and between campuses via bus and metro. In Santiago, you’ll receive three meals a day from your host family.

Santiago, Chile

As you start exploring your new city, you’ll discover that Santiago’s cultural options are on par with those of any major cosmopolitan city and include museums, cinema, live music, parks, and diverse restaurants and nightlife (Bellavista is a perennial favorite). Entertainment spills into nearby communities such as Nunoa (a hot spot for young people) and Las Condes (upscale shopping and dining).

Independent Housing Policy

Syracuse University’s policy requires all students to reside in program housing unless they meet specific criteria and are granted a waiver through a petition process.  Our independent housing petition process is limited to students who meet one of the following criteria: religious reasons, disability disclosure that cannot be accommodated by program housing, or family member resides in the city of program.

The deadline for submitting the independent housing petition form waiver is May 1 (for fall semester) and October 1 (for spring semester). View Independent Housing Policy for more information.