World Partner Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between World Partner and Center programs?

World Partner programs are full-semester programs that place students at host universities or institutes abroad. While students do earn SU credit and pay SU tuition, they may be the only SU student on the program, or one of a few SU students among large cohorts from other universities. Program size ranges from small groups of 20-30 students doing intensive language study to full-service universities with 30,000 students on campus.

How do I apply?

World Partner programs require the normal Syracuse Abroad application and in most cases, you will need to complete an application to the host university/provider. Some require Syracuse Abroad to nominate the student before they can complete the host university application and, thus, their Syracuse Abroad application has an earlier due date than others.

What is the GPA requirement for World Partner programs?

For most World Partner programs, the required GPA is 3.0, based on the program’s published GPA requirements and/or Syracuse Abroad’s evaluation of the program’s academic expectations. There are some programs whose GPA requirement ranges from 2.5-3.0. Please refer to each program’s brochure page for its exact requirements. Note: Syracuse Abroad reserves the right to adjust the requirements for World Partner programs as it deems appropriate.

Does my financial aid apply? Is there financial aid available?

Yes and yes! Since all World Partner students are earning SU credit and paying SU tuition, any financial aid (except work-study since students won’t be on campus working) applies. All are also eligible for our named scholarships and any outside financial assistance for study abroad.

How much will my program cost and how will I pay?

All World Partner students pay SU tuition and a program fee through their Bursar account. Housing, other program costs, and billing arrangements vary widely. Please see each World Partner’s brochure page for program-specific costs and budgets. The budget will also explain what you have to pay directly to Syracuse and what you will pay directly to the World Partner. You will not have to pay tuition to the World Partner program, but you may have to pay for deposits and housing costs directly to the program.

Where will I live while I’m abroad?

Students will live on- or off-campus depending on the World Partner. In order for students to have access to housing support while they are abroad, Syracuse Abroad requires students to live in housing provided by the World Partner when available.

Is there a group flight?

No, students make their own flight arrangements. The World Partner program will provide more details and instructions about arrival either through students’ online accounts or by email.

How do I know what courses I can take?

World Partner institutions control their course offerings and while we make our best effort to review and approve courses prior to students going abroad, some do not compile their lists until January or February for the Spring semester and August for the Fall semester. The more flexibility a student has, the better. Typically, reserving general elective credits (like anything in Arts in Sciences for Newhouse students) makes for a more successful experience. Each World Partner brochure page has listed courses that have been approved for SU credit.

I am a Whitman or a Newhouse student; can I take classes in business or communications?

Maybe. Whitman or Newhouse students cannot take any Whitman-related (business, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.) or communications (journalism, advertising, public relations, communications, etc.) courses unless they have petitioned directly to Whitman or Newhouse. This must be done before you are abroad, or we cannot ensure you will receive credit for your course.

Can I study abroad at a program that is not a World Partner?

Please refer to the information on the Special Petitions page.