Discovery Cost and Aid

All students are charged the same tuition as students on main campus. Each program also carries an additional program fee that covers:

  • Housing (homestay)
  • Meals (depending on location, between 12 and 14 per week)
  • Program-related travel (such as trips to other cities in the country, museum visits)
  • Program-related activities (such as cooking classes, neighborhood tours, theater, sports events)
  • Travel insurance abroad
  • On-site assistance and support

Students should also expect some out-of-pocket personal expenses that are not covered by the program fee, such as airfare, passport and visa fees, and personal travel.

You can review each respective program’s budget sheet using the links below. The budget sheets can be found under Program Requirements on the main page for each program:

Students admitted to a Discovery program are awarded the Global Distinction Scholarship to offset these additional expenses associated with the program over the university cost of attendance for the fall term.

The Global Distinction Scholarship factors into account both Syracuse University Main Campus Cost of Attendance (COA) and the Syracuse Abroad estimated Cost of Attendance (COA). The difference between the two amounts is the scholarship amount.

The Global Distinction Scholarship will be applied by the Financial Aid Office and distributed through the student’s University Bursar account. The application of the scholarship will make the overall cost of going abroad equal to Syracuse University Main Campus Cost of Attendance. Scholarship amounts vary depending on the location of the abroad program.

If you have any questions about your financial aid package, you can reach out to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs.

Visa Fees

Most students wishing to study abroad will need a student visa. A visa is official permission by a foreign government to visit that country for a specified purpose and a limited time. The visa is stamped onto one of the pages of your passport and generally is not a separate document. Applying for a visa incurs an upfront cost, which can vary depending on the program of your choice. Please refer to the country-specific budget links above for more information about visa fees for specific locations.