Immigration & Visas

As an exchange student, you must obtain an F-1 visa to enter the United States.

Your documentation for the F-1 visa will be processed by the Center for International Services at Syracuse University, the office that tracks your information in the SEVIS immigration system. Before you apply at the consulate for your visa, you must first register on SEVIS and pay the SEVIS registration fee of $200 (this can be paid by credit card).

Once you have successfully completed this process, you are ready to visit the appropriate U.S. consulate to make your visa application. Required documentation for visa application includes an acceptance letter, the SCIS visa document, appropriate identification, and other supporting materials as required by the local U.S. consular office or embassy. More information can be found on the Center for International Services website.

Immigration regulations permit students with F-1 visas to seek on-campus employment, however, they are not eligible for work off-campus. We strongly recommend that you bring enough money with you to cover your period of study. Due to immigration regulations, students with F-1 visas are not eligible for internships either during or after their period of non-matriculated study.