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Re-entry and Reverse Culture Shock

Students often experience conflicting feelings upon their return from studies and life abroad. New viewpoints may leave you feeling isolated or without peers who understand. Experiencing reverse culture shock is extremely common and may include any to all of the following emotions:

  • Reverse homesickness-missing people and places from abroad
  • Boredom, insecurity, uncertainty, confusion, frustration
  • Need for excessive sleep
  • Change in goals or priorities
  • Feelings of alienation or withdrawal
  • Negativity towards American behavior
  • Feelings of resistance toward family and friends

There are many ways to overcome reverse culture shock:

  • Stay in touch with fellow study abroad students and share your re-entry experiences. Stay in touch through the Facebook group you joined when you were admitted to your Syracuse Abroad program.
  • Get involved in cultural or international activities on your home campus.
  • Plan to go back! Talk to Career Services about what it takes to find a career abroad.

Syracuse Abroad Global Ambassador Program

There are a lot of ways to share your knowledge and priceless details with students who are considering going abroad with Syracuse Abroad. Prospective students always want to hear from recent alumni, and becoming a global ambassador will allow you to interact with students who are just starting on their study abroad journey. You’ll work with the Syracuse Abroad admissions and recruitment staff during on-campus events and talk to interested students and their parents about your experiences with Syracuse Abroad.

Fulbright Scholar Program

Consider applying for a U.S. Student Fulbright Grant! These prestigious and generous awards allow you to take some graduate level courses abroad and possibly combine it with guided/independent research. The application deadline for the U.S. Student Fulbright Grant for Recent Graduating Seniors is in September of your senior year. This means you will need to be working on your application over the summer prior to returning to campus for senior year. Arrange to meet with the Fulbright Program Advisor on your campus early for guidance and more information. Fulbright grants are also available to graduate students. Enrolled students must apply through their schools.