Australia and New Zealand

Panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House

SU World Partner Programs in Australia and New Zealand

To begin your application, click the link in the appropriate program title, and then ‘Apply Now.’ Most program applications are due March 15 for fall and October 1 for spring. Please note that some programs have early application dates –  check the individual program pages for details.


Located in Brisbane, the University of Queensland is a large public university with an enrollment of 52,000 students, of which 13,000 are international. It is one of Australia’s premier learning and research institutions with a comprehensive range of business, engineering, information technology and humanities programs. Students take a full semester of courses alongside other international and Australian students. UQ offers two sessions (semesters) per academic year.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a public university of 40,000 students, of which 8,800 are international. The campus is located in Kensington, an inner suburb of Sydney, 20 minutes from the city center and within walking distance of Coogee Beach. UNSW is Australia’s leading international university with a comprehensive range of liberal arts, management and commerce (business) programs as well as extensive science, technology and engineering-based courses.

New Zealand

Frontiers Abroad: Earth Science is a New Zealand-based study abroad program offering field and research-focused education to earth, environmental, and biologic science undergraduate students. The program involves a five week (6 credit) field experience followed by a semester abroad based at the University of Canterbury. For biology and earth sciences majors only.