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The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation

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We live in a world challenged by conflict. We see the traumas and traces of war, colonialism, and class, ethnic, and racial division, inscribed across the globe on bodies, landscapes, psyches, economic and social formations, and material cultures. Collectively, we search for ways to reduce violence as well as to address the outcomes of conflict. A fall-only program based in Wroclaw, Poland offers you a special opportunity to live in an exciting Central European metropolis, to study with a close cohort of student interested in similar subjects, to learn from dynamic faculty, and to shape individual research projects. Fall 2014 and fall 2015 students added their work to the UrbanLabs website which is a fantastic introduction to the program and its components. Travel is essential to this program - you will travel to and study in nine European cities in four countries.

Director Hana Cervinkova gives this presentation to talk about this dynamic program - check it out! [PDF]

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Featured Program: The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation

A semester-long program based in Wroclaw, Poland, with trips to Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Vilnius, and Auschwitz, The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation will tackle questions such as: How does a region with a complex, divided, and violence-ridden history find ways of recognizing and coming to terms with this history while also moving forward? What role does public memory and commemoration play in this process? How can political and legal frameworks be set to not only launch but also ensure lasting reconciliation processes? What role can students and teachers play in local processes of reconciliation and in building a more just future? (fall only) Fall 2016 ONLY: All students enrolling in the Culture and Politics of Reconciliation will receive a $1000 grant.

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Katelyn Olsen

Katelyn Olsen is a biology major at Syracuse University. She studied in Wroclaw in Fall 2014, and has lots of advice for future travelers (like, don't overpack! Do your assigned reading before you leave!) Visit our Wroclaw Global Ambassadors page to meet more alumni ready to share their advice and experiences with you.