Syracuse Abroad Policies

Special Petitions: Programs not Affiliated with Syracuse Abroad

Transfer credit will not be granted for courses that Syracuse University undergraduate students take (outside of Syracuse Abroad programs and through a special petitioning process) while on a leave of absence to study abroad. If an SU undergraduate student wishes to go abroad on a non-affiliated program, a vetting process exists for non-affiliated programs. The student should begin their petition process at least one year prior to their desired abroad program begins.

Syracuse University Special Petitions Policy

Admissions Policy

We make admissions decisions based on a full review of the application, including the academic recommendation, the personal statement, and any disciplinary sanctions. To be eligible for Syracuse Abroad admission, students must not be on disciplinary probation (or campus equivalent) during their time abroad and/or have any outstanding judicial sanctions. Once admitted to Syracuse Abroad, you must remain a student in good standing (academic, financial, and judicial) to participate in our programs.

Syracuse Abroad Admissions Policy