Postcards from Abroad: Fall 2021

With nearly 400 students abroad in fall 2021 in 20 different locations, we are reflecting back on our students’ most memorable experiences!

ella farrell“The most unforgettable and valuable experience of being abroad in Central Europe was the people that I had the pleasure of meeting. We had the opportunity to speak with so many unique individuals who taught us so much about history and culture. One of the most memorable experiences was speaking with the granddaughter of a Holocaust victim. Hearing her family’s story and learning about the history of my religion and culture was so impactful. I will always be grateful for all of the people we had the pleasure of meeting and learning from in Central Europe!”

-Ella Farrell ’23, Exploring Central Europe

katherine blomkvist“Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of my life. Living somewhere new opens your eyes and pushes you out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. I learned so much about myself while I was abroad and had the best time.┬áMy most valuable experience was getting to visit so many different cities within France. With Covid restrictions, we were not able to travel to many other countries. I was able to more deeply explore France and all that it has to offer than if I was able to visit any country I wanted. From city to city, you can feel the differences in the way people interact with one another, the architecture, and the food people eat. Even though France is a small country, it feels so much larger.”

-Katherine Blomkvist ’23, Strasbourg Center

kara mueller“Being able to work at a school in the countryside of Denmark was an amazing experience. This was such a wonderful immersion program that allowed us to gain primary experience in a foreign classroom and see firsthand the difference in teaching strategies between the US and Denmark. Developing a relationship with the students and teachers at this school was such an important aspect of my abroad experience.”

-Kara Mueller ’23, DIS Copenhagen

suragith paul“My most unforgettable experience was traveling around Spain, especially the bullet train trips, because I was able to see many communities outside of Madrid. I was able to go to Cuenca, Granada, Segovia, and many more places. I enjoyed visiting monuments in every city because each city had its own history and monuments that made them unique. As I traveled through Spain, I was able to see and learn about the history and origins of each city and what it had to offer, especially the monuments. My favorite monument was the Aqueducts in Segovia because it looks like it’s in pristine condition and it goes on for miles through the city.”

-Suragith Paul ’25, Discovery Madrid

carrie degraw“My most unforgettable experience in London was attending one of the press nights hosted by the theatre I was doing an internship at. For these events, the staff at the theatre, the family members of the cast, and critics all see the show and then meet at a restaurant to discuss the show and the theatre industry as a whole over wine and appetizers. The second time I went to a press night, I was the only intern there, and it forced me to come out of my shell and make connections with others that were there. I was able to meet a woman who worked at another theatre in London, and I was also able to get to know my supervisor and co-worker more outside of what is discussed in the office. This was such an unforgettable experience for me because this event is what made me really start to feel like I had a home and community in London and it wasn’t just somewhere I was visiting on a quick trip.”

-Carrie DeGraw ’23, London Center: Drama

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