Living in London

Street in London
Photo: N. Stevens

London is a global megacity with a population of almost 9 million people that swells with an extra 20 million visitors each year*. London is by far the most diverse city on the planet. In the heart of the city, in Bloomsbury, is the Syracuse London Center, Faraday House, where all classes take place – although many classes also make regular site visits around the city. Apart from academics, one of the most important components of every student’s experience studying abroad with Syracuse London is where they live.

Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations should indicate this while completing their post-decision questionnaire “Accommodations for Students with Disabilities” due within 10 days of acceptance. View Disability Accommodations Abroad to learn more.

See Independent Housing Policy below

Syracuse London Housing

Syracuse London takes great care in selecting the right housing for our students. You’ll be living in either a Central London flat or a Single in a typical British Student Accommodation building that’s a little further out.

The Flats

The flats we select are self-contained, independent properties that are owned and managed by one of Syracuse London’s experienced landlord partners, whom we have carefully selected to work with our students. Students can expect to share a room and bathroom with 2 – 3 students and up to 13 students per flat. Some rooms will have all single beds and some may have bunks. These flats will have fully fitted kitchens and a living room, but study desks are not guaranteed. These flats will be in older London buildings with traditional key access. Those who live in the flats will be provided with a gym membership near the London Center.

Included in the Flats:

  • a maximum of 2-3 beds per room (sometimes these are single beds and sometimes you can expect bunk beds);
  • a furnished living room space;
  • A fully equipped shared kitchen
  • laundry facilities and basic cleaning equipment;
  • Wi-Fi; and
  • a housing information folder that details the use and services of each property as well as health, safety and security information.

Examples of flats


The Singles

The providers we work with for the single-room properties have long running experience and standing with providing student-centric types of buildings. Students will be placed in “clusters”, which means the only thing shared will be the kitchen. Students will have their own bed, desk and bathroom. These buildings will have a reception/door staff, on-site gym and communal areas for mixing with other students in the building. Students in The Singles will be housed in one of two buildings:

  • Building 1 is located in Tufnell Park (iQ Tufnell House). This is a quiet, residential area with lots of green space. The commute to Faraday House can take anywhere from 28 – 38 minutes.
  • Building 2 is located in Highbury (iQ Highbury). This building is on a busy, bustling street and is only a 3-minute walk away from the nearest tube station – connecting you to Faraday House within a 23 – 27 minute window.

Included in The Singles:

  • A fully equipped shared kitchen
  • Double bed in room with study desk and closet
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laundry facilities

Tufnell House



Managing Expectations

As you visualize your London property, it’s important to keep in mind local norms. Properties in London – as in most big cities – are smaller than what some students might expect. Electricity and gas equipment (lights, ovens, washing machines, outlets, etc.) may be different to what you’re used to – but the Syracuse London Student Support team are available to answer any questions you may have about utilities and appliances.

As mentioned above, you will have a commute of around 30 minutes. It’s good to bear in mind that Londoners think nothing of a 30-minute commute – the average commute in the city is at least one hour. It’s important to see distances through local eyes and consider accommodation like locals would.

The British council tax and your utility bills will be paid by your landlord, so your program fee is inclusive of the bulk of your housing costs. Although bed linen will be provided by the landlord, you may want to purchase your own – these are easily purchasable once you arrive.

Selecting Flatmates/Clusters

The International Program Advisor for London and the staff at Syracuse London work with all students as soon as they are accepted to help form groups of flatmates/clusters. We will house you with other students in the program based on a careful matching process utilizing the answers you provide in your housing questionnaire. You will also be given the opportunity on this questionnaire to tell us if there is anyone in particular you would like to live with, so it is really important that you complete it. Once housing groups are formed, the London staff will begin assigning groups. When the assignments are finalized, we will notify you and your group about the details of your accommodation, so you can begin planning and coordinating.

Travel in the City

Even better, all Syracuse London students receive an 18+ Oyster Card covering Zones 1 and 2 for the whole semester – which means you can travel around central London at no cost. This not only saves each student a lot of money, since London is one of the most expensive transportation cities in the world, but it also means you never have to worry about getting to class, going on field trips, getting home, or traveling anywhere you want to go in the city at any time. London truly becomes your ‘Oyster’, as the Oyster Card promises.

Before the Semester

If you have any questions about living in London, or your particular housing assignment, you can contact Syracuse London’s Student Support Team by e-mailing Alternatively, you can talk to the International Program Advisor for London at Syracuse Abroad.

During the Semester

If you encounter a problem with your property during the semester, please email and London staff will be in touch to assist you.

*pre-Covid figures

Independent Housing Policy

Syracuse University’s policy requires all students to reside in program housing unless they meet specific criteria and are granted a waiver through a petition process.  Our independent housing petition process is limited to students who meet one of the following criteria: religious reasons, disability disclosure that cannot be accommodated by program housing, or family member resides in the city of program.

The deadline for submitting the independent housing petition form waiver is May 1 (for fall semester) and October 1 (for spring semester). View Independent Housing Policy for more information.

Please note that while we will try to honor your housing preference, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the housing option that you prefer due to space limitations in each of the housing options.