Living in London

London is a global megacity with a population of almost 9 million people that swells with an extra 20 million visitors each year. London is by far the most diverse city on the planet. In the heart of the city, in Bloomsbury, is the Syracuse London Center, Faraday House, where all classes take place – although many classes also make regular site visits around the city. Apart from academics, one of the most important components of every student’s experience studying abroad with Syracuse London is where they live.

Syracuse London Housing

Syracuse London takes great care in selecting the right housing for our students to live in. You’ll be living with other Syracuse London students in independent ‘flats’ (apartments) rather than houses or dormitories. Your flat will be located in Central London within 30 minutes of the Syracuse London Center either on foot or by public transport.

The flats we select are self-contained, fully-equipped independent properties, with a comparable level of quality. The flats are owned and managed by one of Syracuse London’s experienced landlord partners, whom we have carefully selected to work with our students. Each of the flats is located within its own distinct neighborhood that will become your home away from home.

Managing Expectations

As you visualize your London flat, it’s important to keep in mind local norms. Flats in London – as in most big cities – are smaller than what some students might expect. Sharing is the norm. London is an old city with more historic buildings than new, so most flats will not have brand new features or be in a pristine condition. Electricity and gas equipment (lights, ovens, washing machines, outlets, etc.) may be different to what you’re used to – but the London Arrivals & Orientation Guides and our Housing Coordinator is available to answer any questions you may have about utilities and appliances. Each flat comes with a handy guide to the local area as well as its amenities to help you settle in and feel at home.

It’s important to remember that flats will differ from one another, because each one is unique. Too, it’s good to bear in mind that Londoners think nothing of a 30-minute commute – the average commute in the city is at least one hour. It’s important to see distances through local eyes and consider accommodation like locals would.

Selecting Flatmates

The London Admissions Counselor at Syracuse Abroad and the staff at Syracuse London work with all students as soon as they are accepted to help form groups of flatmates. You can choose groups yourself, or we can house you with other students in the program based on a careful matching process utilizing the answers you provide in your housing questionnaire. Once housing groups are formed, the London staff will begin assigning groups to suitable flats. When the assignments are finalized, we will notify you and your group about the location and details of your flat, so you can begin planning and coordinating.

What’s included with each Flat?

Planning on what to pack with you can be a daunting prospect, but you should know that all Syracuse flats will come equipped with:

  • a maximum of 2-3 beds per room;
  • a furnished living room space;
  • an equipped kitchen with supplies (i.e. cutlery, pots and pans);
  • laundry facilities and basic cleaning equipment;
  • Wi-Fi; and
  • a housing information folder that details the use and services of each property as well as health, safety and security information.

The British council tax and your utility bills will be paid by your landlord, so your program fee is inclusive of the bulk of your housing costs. Although bed linen will be provided by the landlord, you may want to purchase your own – these are easily purchasable once you arrive.

Unlimited Travel in the City

Even better, all Syracuse London students receive an Oyster Card covering Zones 1 and 2 for the whole semester – which means you have unlimited travel around central London at no cost. This not only saves each student a lot of money, since London is one of the most expensive transportation cities in the world, but it also means you never have to worry about getting to class, going on field trips, getting home, or traveling anywhere you want to go in the city at any time. London truly becomes your ‘Oyster’, as the Oyster Card promises.

Before the Semester

If you have any questions about living in London, or your particular housing assignment, you can contact Syracuse London’s Housing & Special Programs Coordinator by e-mailing Alternatively, you can talk to the Syracuse Abroad Admissions Counselor.

During the Semester

If you encounter a problem with your flat during the semester, the Syracuse London website includes a dedicated maintenance form just for housing. The Housing & Special Programs Coordinator also holds drop-in hours twice a week, and is available via email during regular working hours.