Choosing a World Partner Program

World Partners are universities or organizations with which Syracuse Abroad maintain cooperative agreements and exchanges. You’ll enroll through Syracuse Abroad, pay Syracuse tuition, receive Syracuse credit, and retain all Syracuse grants and financial aid except work study.

You may want to consider a World Partner if:

  • You are interested in exploring an academic area or second language not offered at a Syracuse Center
  • You are comfortable being on a program with students from other U.S. colleges and universities
  • You are looking for a different experience or a nontraditional study abroad destination where Syracuse does not have a Center

Academic Fit

With planning, most majors can be accommodated. Even if you can’t take classes in your major while abroad, you may be able to take elective coursework. Plan early and consult with your academic advisor.

Language Requirements

Most World Partner programs offer courses in English and do not have a language prerequisite. While some language programs have prerequisites, most do not.

Living Arrangements

World Partner program have many options. Be sure to research the options offered by your World Partner program. Students are required to live in the housing provided by the World Partner.

Other important considerations:

  • Academic teaching styles are different abroad and sometimes less interactive, and assessment may consist of a single final exam
  • In most university programs, you will finalize your registrations abroad, so flexibility and a list of backup course options are key
  • You must be comfortable communicating directly with the World Partner staff (with the assistance of Syracuse Abroad staff along the way)