Incoming Exchange Students

Welcome Exchange Students!

Thank you for your interest in studying at Syracuse University! We are a private research institution of 13 schools and colleges in Syracuse, New York, located one hour by plane from New York City and one hour by plane from Washington, D.C. Our diverse student body includes thousands of international degree students. Syracuse University has a long tradition of international education, with five overseas campus centers as well as domestic campus centers in New York City and Los Angeles for specific program majors.

Incoming Exchange Student Status

First, let’s quickly review what it means to be an incoming exchange student: Syracuse University maintains exchange agreements with many universities around the world – and if you’re a student at one of those schools, you can come to Syracuse University as an exchange student.

Your first step is to work with the international office at your home university, as your nomination is required before Syracuse can consider you here. Once your nomination is forwarded to Syracuse University, you may complete the  Syracuse University Exchange Student Application Form on the Applications Details page.

As an exchange student, you will pay no tuition fees to Syracuse University, however, there may be fees you pay to your home university, and you will need to pay other non-tuition fees. This is explained in our frequently asked questions about exchange programs.

Apply to Syracuse University as an Exchange Student

Visit our application page and get started! Questions? Contact Sarah Nebhut at Syracuse Abroad.

Learn more about becoming an Exchange student at Syracuse University: