Frequently Asked Questions: Exchange Students

What will it cost to attend Syracuse University as an exchange student?

Cost of attendance is based on the 2020-2021 academic year.

What fees do I have to pay to SU?

Student activity fee/co-curricular fee:

  • One semester at SU: $216
  • Two semesters at SU: $433

Health and wellness fee, per semester: $376

Communications fee (if living on campus), per semester: $220

For more information regarding fees, refer to the Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin.

Do I need health insurance?

We provide information for exchange students looking for health insurance.

Matriculated Part-Time Students, Non-Matriculated Students, Students on OPT and Visiting Scholars

The following individuals are NOT subject to the new University requirement of an ACA compliant health insurance policy written in the U.S.:

  • Non-matriculated students (Syracuse Abroad Exchange Students, Humphrey Fellows)
  • Students applying for or approved for OPT
  • Visiting Scholars in J-1 Professor, Research Scholar, Short-term Scholar, Specialist, or Intern Status

This group is NOT eligible for the AETNA plan. Three policies are recommended for acceptable coverage:

It is strongly advised that you do not have a lapse in coverage. If your current coverage expires on July 31, 2018, sign up for new coverage beginning August 1, 2018, even if you will not be in the U.S. until later in August.  You should NEVER have a LAPSE in coverage, even when you are out of the country.

Please provide the Slutzker Center with a copy (either electronic or hard copy) of your enrollment agreement, and the receipt with starting and ending dates of your coverage. You must have health insurance in effect every day of your stay in the U.S. Scholars and students who request travel signatures, and students who request authorization for curricular or optional practical training will have to provide evidence of continuous health insurance coverage prior to obtaining these immigration benefits. New students will need the proof of insurance in order to clear immigration status at the Slutzker Center upon arrival.

If you have questions, you may contact the Slutzker Center.

When will I receive a bill and when will it be due?

Please visit the Bursar website  and click “Billing Schedule” to view the billing dates.

When do classes start and end?

The Syracuse University academic calendar is available online here.

What colleges at Syracuse can I apply to?

You can apply to seven of our colleges: the College of Arts & Sciences, School of Education, L.C. Smith College of Engineering & Computer Science, Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics, the School of Information Studies, Whitman School of Management, and the College of Visual & Performing Arts, although some classes are restricted in VPA.

What colleges have application restrictions?

Newhouse School of Public Communications is open to students at Stuttgart Media Univesity, DMJX and IDC Herzilya only. The College of Visual and Performing Arts and the School of Architecture is open to students enrolled in professional degree programs ONLY and subject to portfolio review prior to acceptance by Syracuse University.

What types of courses can I take?

You will be able to enroll in almost any undergraduate course that does not require a pre-requisite or for Syracuse University students only.

What are the course fee charges on my bill?

Some classes require additional expenses not covered by tuition alone. Class fees are generally listed in the schedule of classes online publication and in the MySlice class search function. An explanation of what class fees cover should be included on the syllabus or the student can speak with their professor, department chairperson, or the Dean’s Office (to find out exactly what the fees cover).

How many classes can I take during the semester?

You must, with NO exceptions, enroll in at least 12 credits per semester as an undergraduate student. This is usually 4 classes. (Graduate students may enroll in 9 credits, or 3 courses.) Undergraduate students may register for up to 19 credits.

Where can I find the courses that are offered for my semester?

You can find information on classes by exploring the online course catalog . A class schedule can be found here .

When can I register for my classes?

More information about registration is available here [PDF, 51KB].

Who is my academic advisor?

This information can be found on your acceptance letter that you received from Syracuse University.

Where can I find my SUID number?

Your SUID can be found on the acceptance letter that you received from Syracuse University.

How do I activate my SUID?

Before you begin, you will need to activate your NetID by using your SUID number. Begin here by activating your NetID .

What is a MySlice account?

MySlice  is a web portal that allows you to view and interact with your student record. Use MySlice to view your schedule, and pay your bill. You can also register for classes on MySlice.

How can I pay my SU bill?

There are four options to pay your bill. SU will only accept MasterCard, VISA, and Discover credit cards. Please note that there is a convenience fee of 2.7% of the amount charged if paying by credit card. For more information and instructions, please visit the Bursar Office website .

How much does on-campus housing cost and what is included?

Housing and meal plan options are available here .

If I want to live on-campus, how do I apply?

The University offers limited residential space for exchange and visiting students on-campus. Preference for on-campus space is given to those students planning to study for the entire academic year, August to May. Students are placed into open double rooms with a roommate within the SkyHall residential complex on the University’s South Campus. A University meal plan Ž is required for all campus residents living within residence halls. If you are interested in living on-campus please email to inquire about availability. Even if you live off-campus, you can still sign up for one of the SU meal plans. This can be done now or when you arrive.

Housing and meal plan application [PDF]

If I want to live off-campus, where can I find housing?

We have some off-campus suggestions for you here.

How much does off-campus housing cost and what is included?

Off-campus housing costs can vary from place to place. Rent can include utilities but most do not.

When will housing contact me about my placement on-campus?

You will receive an email to your Syracuse University email account that will inform you of your room assignment. The placement will also show on your MySlice account.

Am I guaranteed housing on-campus if I apply for on-campus housing?

Housing has given SU Abroad limited spaces to accommodate exchange students. If you are interested in staying in on-campus housing you must complete a housing form.

Does SU offer meal plans?

Yes. Plan information, including cost, is available here.

Do I have to live on-campus to purchase a meal plan?

No, you do not have to live on-campus to purchase a meal plan.

Do I have to pay the health & wellness fee SU charges?

Yes. The Health & Wellness Fee is not health insurance. It is important to note that the Health & Wellness Fee gives you privileges to see the SU Health Center physician at no cost, but does not cover charges for pharmacy, laboratory services, and certain clinical procedures/medical equipment. Syracuse University strongly recommends students carry health insurance to cover expenses not covered by the mandatory Health & Wellness Fee, including, but not limited to, X-rays, referrals to outside providers, emergency room care, hospitalization, prescriptions, eye care and dental care.

How far away is the airport from the SU campus? How much does it cost to take a taxi to campus?

The airport is about a 15 minute drive to campus. There are taxi stands at each end of the airport. You prepay for your trip (approx. $30 cash or credit) at the stand but you will need to tip your driver at the end. You should plan to tip $4-$5.

Do I have to take the ESL test?

Some of our exchange universities require you to take the test, but most likely it will not be necessary.

Where can I go to shop for things I need that I could not bring with me?

Destiny USA  is one of the biggest shopping malls in the U.S. It is about a 10 minute bus ride from campus. There are also clothing stores on Marshall Street and a pharmacy right around the corner from the University. The SU Bookstore also has bedding available for purchase at the beginning of each semester. If you are residing on-campus, you can pick up bedding at your dorm office for temporary or permanent use.

What about transportation?

Syracuse University provides safe, reliable and free campus shuttle services to faculty, staff, students and visitors. Not only do we offer schedules for our on campus services, but also services that are available from campus to various points of interest within the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County.

Coming this fall, a mobile tracking app will be available for all of our regularly scheduled transit services.

In and around Syracuse University: Information about transportation on and around campus and out of town is available from SU Parking Services.

Transportation information to and from Hancock International Airport.

Other transportation resources.

What is the Center for International Services?

The Center for International Services Ž is dedicated to the support and success of all international students at Syracuse University. Services include assistance with student visa documents; special orientation programs; English con­versation groups; guidance with immigration compliance; and events that encourage international students to meet people from all over the world. Finally, CIS is the University’s official link with the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The International Center provides a new student check-in list Ž for incoming graduate and undergraduate international students. To contact the center, email or call (315) 443-2427.

How do I register for new student orientation and when is orientation held?

The International Center provides a registration form and updated dates on their website.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Deb Goddard at