Summer Program Global Ambassadors

Ekiuwa ImariagbeName: Ekiuwa Imariagbe ’18

Hometown: Rosedale, NY

Major: Health & exercise science

Semester abroad: Summer 2017

Summer program: Survey of Current Issues in African Migration: A Fieldwork Practicum

What would you say to a student undecided about going abroad? I would explain being undecided gives them all the reason to go abroad. Studying abroad can help with your career goals, personal development, academic goals and so much more! It is very important to experience an environment that is different from what we are accustomed to. If the student is nervous about experiencing a new culture or being accepted by a culture, I would comfort them and explain it’s okay to feel that way – however do not like their subconscious turn into fear or lack of motivation.


Lauren WienerName: Lauren Wiener ’20

Hometown: Northport, NY

Major: English and textual studies

Semester abroad: Summer 2017

Summer program: Jack the Ripper and His Legacy (London Summer Session)

What was your most valuable experience abroad? My favorite memory was when we had first arrived. Syracuse London had set up a private capsule for us on the London Eye, in which snacks and drinks were served as we chatted with our new classmates. Being able to finally be there and stare down at the sprawling London landscape was an unforgettable and enchanting experience.


Kamey GomezName: Kamey Gomez ’20

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major: Communications and rhetorical studies

Semester abroad: Summer 2017

Summer program: Madrid Summer Session

What was your most valuable experience abroad? My most valuable experience was living with my host mother. I began living with a stranger that nourished me as if I were her actual daughter. I grew such a love for my host mother that I would do almost anything for her. She is someone I will never forget.


Mackenzie ProudName: Mackenzie Proud ’20

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Major: Nutrition

Semester abroad: Summer 2017

Summer program: South Africa: A Global Health Education Experience

What would you say to a student undecided about going abroad? You will grow exponentially through immersing yourself in a culture across the globe. Four years moves fast enough if you put off traveling until you have a job, family, what not, you may never get to it. Take the opportunity to travel while in school, even if just for a short term program!


Alexis DornerName: Alexis Dorner ’18

Hometown: Marlton, NJ

Majors: International relations, Political science and Italian

Semester abroad: Summer 2017

Summer program: Florence Summer Session

What would you say to a student undecided about going abroad? I would tell them that it is an incredibly special opportunity that they may never get again in their lives. The experience was absolutely amazing. Unparalleled. I learned so much, made so many friends (some that I already want to see again in the future), and got to know the Italian culture like my own.


Caitlin MoganName: Caitlin Mogan ’20

Hometown: Wakefield, MA

Major: Citizenship and civic engagement

Semesters abroad: Fall 2016 (Discovery Madrid); Summer 2017

Summer program: Florence Summer Session

What was your most valuable experience abroad? The ability to venture out on my own. While in Madrid, I became much more comfortable traveling by myself throughout the city and doing things that I enjoyed simply because I wanted to. I didn’t rely on others as heavily as I had in the past and I was able to spend more time alone. In Florence the following summer, I learned to expand upon that and make plans to go other places by myself. I took on almost a leadership/maturity role in trips I made outside the school with friends.


Izmailia SougoufaraName: Izmailia Sougoufara ’20

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Majors: Neuroscience and biology

Semesters abroad: Fall 2016 (Discovery Florence); Summer 2017

Summer program: Paris Noir

What would you say to a student undecided about going abroad? This is not an opportunity you want to pass up and constantly wonder how your life would have been different if you hadn’t. All the places you’ll see, things you’ll learn, and people you’ll meet are irreplaceable. Aside from the specific skills you’ll gain like learning a new language, being exposed to a new culture, and learning to navigate in a new space, you will begin broadening your perspective and forming a more adaptable mindset. Studying abroad gives you an edge, makes you unique and sets you apart from your future competition.


andrew stranahanName: Andrew Stranahan ’18

Hometown: San Bruno, CA

Major: History

Semester abroad: Summer 2016

Summer program: Madrid Summer Session

What did you wish you would have known before going abroad? I wish I had known about the less-visited areas of Madrid. For example, during my last two weeks in Madrid, I visited the Usera neighborhood of Madrid, located on the city’s southern side. I went to Usera to conduct interviews with Chinese employees, as my final project was about Chinese businesses in Spain. The first employee I interviewed mentioned that Usera has a large Chinese population, so I took her advice and went to Usera. I fell in love with seeing people going about their business and the enterprises people had set up from markets to restaurants to Chinese lawyers helping people with their immigration papers. I found my way eventually to a Chinese bakery and tea house. After introducing myself to the two employees at the counter and explaining the purpose of my visit, one agreed to having an interview with me. The information she provided was personal and deep and gave me insight into the life of a Chinese immigrant living in Spain. After thanking her for her assistance, I left to go back to my host family. While walking back, I was awestruck by by the generosity of the people I interviewed, as the first person I interviewed directed me towards Usera and the second gave an amazing personal interview. I could not have completed my project without their invaluable aid. Although I only knew them for a few brief moments, I will never forget their generosity.


kaitlyn menegio-stahlName: Kaitlyn Menegio-Stahl ’19

Hometown: Ghent, NY

Major: Neuroscience

Semesters abroad: Fall 2016 (Discovery Florence); Summer 2016, Fall 2017 (Florence Center)

Summer program: Religion, Law, and Human Rights in Strasbourg

What was your most unforgettable experience abroad? The most unforgettable experience I had while I was abroad was my weekend to Paris. I will never forget standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower after taking the stairs all the way up to the second floor and thinking to myself, “I am eighteen and I am here in Paris with my friends. This is my life and it’s amazing.” I never thought I would be able to travel abroad due to financial restrictions, but Syracuse University gave me the opportunity twice in one year to go abroad to learn about and to see new things all over Europe. I studied French for five years and to be able to be in France using my language skills and being at the top of the Eiffel Tower was a surreal moment for me that brought together all of my French language and literature education.


Alina FreemanName: Alina Freeman ’18

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH

Major: Sociology

Semester abroad: Summer 2015

Summer program: Paris Noir

What was your most valuable experience abroad? My most valuable/ unforgettable experience was getting to meet and have discussions with Black Parisian professionals during our panels and in class discussions. It opened my eyes to what Paris Noir was truly about and showed me that I am not limited to the United States. It allowed me to feel more connected to my major as an African American studies major and energized me to explore blackness transnationally in my own research.


ivy christensenName: Ivy Christensen ’19

Hometown: Thompson, PA

Major: Mechanical engineering

Semesters abroad: Summer 2016, Spring 2018: University College Dublin

Summer program: Florence Summer Session

What would you say to a student undecided about studying abroad? If you have any desire to visit this country, just do it. Study aboard is the only time in your life that you get to study and travel for an extended period of time so cheaply, so make the most of the opportunity. You are not just signing up to take classes in a different country, you are signing up for a life changing experience in which you learn much more than just course material.