Italian Professors Publish Article Comparing Study Abroad to Erasmus

Italian language professors Alessandra Adriani, Francesca Bea, and Rossella Falciai have published an article in the latest issue of Lingua in Azione, a journal about Italian language instruction, on the differences between the US study-abroad model and the European exchange program Erasmus, using Syracuse Florence as a case study.

Erasmus is used as an easy reference point when explaining the American study abroad experience to an Italian, but as explained in their article, “This is Not Erasmus,” there are some important differences.

Erasmus students go to another country [in Europe], for a semester or a year, prepared to integrate into the university and social reality of the destination country, fully embracing the course timetables, lessons and linguistic difficulties. It is a rather radical experience, which requires significant adaptation.*

Adriani, Bea, and Falciai, “Questo non e’ Erasmus,” LIA, n.1, 12/2023

In other words, US study abroad students have a lot more support and guidance in their experience living in a foreign country and adapting to cultural differences. They also tend to be younger, less experienced with college-level classes, and less autonomous than Erasmus students.

*Translation from Italian by Michelle Tarnopolsky