Most over-the-counter medications are available in Italy, although they may be called by their generic name or have a different commercial name. Prescription medication, however, is a different matter.

If you regularly take prescribed medication, you should bring enough from home to last the entire semester. The medication should be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and a breakdown of the generic composition of the drug.

If the drug is available in Italy, our school doctor can prescribe the Italian equivalent of the medication; however, the cost may be very high and certain drugs may not be available at all.

In Italy it is illegal to send any prescription medication through the mail (including private courier), regardless of availability in Italy. Any pharmaceutical will get stopped in customs and will only be cleared, if at all, after lengthy paperwork has been completed and customs fees have been paid.

Our doctor can give regular allergy shots, as well as any other periodic injections (such as birth control). Her office has a refrigerator where medical serums can be stored.