Independent Travel Registration Form

Regardless of where you go, SU Abroad requires all students to complete the INDEPENDENT TRAVEL REGISTRATION FORM any time you leave for a night or more of independent travel (this does not pertain to school-related field trips).

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Public Transportation

Public transportation in Italy and Europe is generally affordable and efficient, although delays and strikes are always a possibility; therefore, any travel plans should take both into consideration. The Useful Links page is not exhaustive, but it can help you consider your options, whether for local travel or going further afield.

Travel Advisories

Being safe while traveling requires making smart choices and preparing your trip in advance. Since we take your safety seriously, we strongly urge you to consult the websites below before making travel plans:

ISOS (International SOS)

Keep up to date on delays, strikes, and other related travel issues by registering for email alerts with ISOS. Member log-in instructions can be found on your ISOS membership card.