Meet the Staff

Syracuse Florence’s highly qualified staff is committed to helping students make the most of their study abroad experiences in Florence.

Sasha Perugini


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-336

Dr. Sasha Perugini manages and leads the Syracuse Florence program and its staff and faculty; conducts strategic business planning and curriculum development; acts as the program’s legal representative; regularly consults and communicates with the home campus and the center’s legal team; represents the institution both locally and abroad; and fosters communication inside and outside the institution.

Kevin Barnett

Technology Manager


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-355

Kevin Barnett provides oversight for all technology operations in collaboration with and reporting to ITS and Syracuse Abroad. This includes technology architecture and design, hardware and software life-cycle management as well as the initiation of new projects. He is also responsible for ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations.

Olimpia Bozza

Field Studies Program and Internship Program Coordinator 


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-332

Olimpia Bozza is in charge of planning, scheduling and budgeting course-related field trips and site visits. She responds to field trip-related emergency calls on the dedicated field trip emergency cell phone and she keeps the all-school 24/7 emergency phone on a rotating basis. Olimpia is also the Internship Program Coordinator.

Silvia Brandi

Field Studies Program


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-331


Silvia Brandi is in charge of planning, scheduling and budgeting field trips for Syracuse Florence’s I-Explore program. She responds to field trip-related emergency calls on the dedicated field trip emergency cell phone.

Rossana Degli Innocenti

Building Maintenance


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-337

Rossana Degli Innocenti oversees all ordinary maintenance of Syracuse Florence’s buildings, grounds, and leased properties and is responsible for ensuring that Italian and American safety codes are met and adhered to.

Lucia Fantoni

Assistant to the Business Office


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-352

Lucia Fantoni assists the Business Manager with the collection and dispersal of funds, payments, and general business operations.

Jennifer Haag

Assistant to the School of Architecture


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-345

Jennifer Haag handles budget transactions and bookkeeping operations for the Architecture department in cooperation with the Business Manager. She is responsible for organizing the architecture field study trips, cataloging new acquisitions, and maintaining updated files in the Faculty Research Library. She also coordinates office operations and building maintenance for the Architecture Studios.

 Sylvia Hetzel

Library Coordinator and Web Content Administrator


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-359

Sylvia Hetzel is responsible for library operations, including aquisitions, cataloguing, circulation, preservation, and reference services. She handles student textbook orders for courses with required texts and is responsible for making content updates to the website upon request.

Melanie Honour

Student Life Advisor


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-321

Melanie Honour provides general information and support to students in the Student Life Office, including scheduling students’ doctor appointments and taking sign-ups for all-school field studies trips. As a member of the student emergency network, she keeps the 24/7 emergency phone on a rotating basis.

Amy Kleine

Assistant Director for Health and Wellness


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-324

Amy Kleine assists students with physical and mental health and wellness and handles accommodation requests for students with special needs. During the fall semester she teaches the First Year Forum course and coordinates the Discovery Florence Program, and during the spring and summer terms she teaches a course on cross-cultural studies. As a member of the emergency team, she keeps the 24/7 emergency phone on a rotating basis.

Fabio Landi

Network Systems Assistant


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-329

Fabio Landi assists the IT manager with maintaining the school’s extensive computer network and technical operations.

Silvia Landi

Front Desk Reception and Building Maintenance



Silvia Landi is responsible for campus mail distribution, classroom and equipment upkeep, cleaning and maintenance services, front desk assistance, and receptions for special events.

Zama Mbense

Community Engagement Consultant


Roberta Mugelli

Housing Office Assistant


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-328

Roberta Mugelli assists with the placement of students in Italian homestays and apartments. She acts as the primary liaison with host families and each semester organizes and leads a student-host weekend excursion.

Francesca Picchi

Business and HR Manager


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-326

Fax: +39-055-5000531

Francesca Picchi is responsible for personnel management as well as all financial matters and business operations.

Gelso Sassonia

Facilities & Grounds Maintenance


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-337

Gelso Sassonia assists with the upkeep of Syracuse Florence’s building and grounds as well as with audiovisual equipment operations and maintenance.

Erika Soncin

Assistant to the Director


Work Phone: +39 055-5031-336

Erika Soncin provides administrative assistance to the director, including appointment scheduling, visitor itineraries, and events organization and promotion.

Michelle Tarnopolsky

Academic Office Assistant


Work Phone: +39 055-5031-381

Michelle Tarnopolsky provides program assistance to the Academic Office and edits the Syracuse Florence magazine, the Villa Rossa Voice.

Bob Vallier

Curriculum and Pedagogy Specialist


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-386

Bob Vallier has a D.E.A. from the Université de Paris and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from DePaul University, where he also served as the Assistant Director of the Honors Program.  He previously worked with international programs in Paris, where he taught courses in Philosophy and the Humanities at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences-Po), the Sorbonne, and Columbia University in Paris. He now oversees all operations of the Academic Office at Syracuse Florence.

Alessandro Verri

Student Life Assistant


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-320

Alessandro Verri works at the front desk of Villa Rossa providing logistical information and assistance to students and visitors. He oversees the SU Florence soccer team and is a member of the 24/7 emergency phone team.

Jessica Volpe

Assistant Director for Student Life


Work Phone: +39-055-5031-327

Jessica Volpe oversees the Student Life and Housing offices. She is responsible for organizing orientation and is a member of the 24/7 emergency phone team.