The Syracuse University Florence campus located in and around Piazza Savonarola lies just outside of Florence’s medieval town center and consists of five historic buildings, all within easy walking distance of the city center.

Villa Rossa

Villa Rossa is the campus hub. Most administrative offices, classrooms, the computer lab and snack bar are located here. Access to the garden, the Villino, the Annex and Dependance are all from the Villa Rossa located at n. 15 Piazza Savonarola. Designed and built as a private residence by Italian nobleman Mario Gigliucci for his family of five in 1892, this unique, brick-colored villa has been home to the university’s Florence program since 1959.


The Villino building is home to SU Florence’s library, faculty offices and three classrooms. The library consists of six reading rooms, a DVD viewing room (the teatrino), students photocopiers and scanners, and personal storage lockers. The library’s books, journals, and DVDs have been selected to support the curriculum and beyond. The second and third levels of the building house classrooms and faculty offices.


The Annex, located next to Villa Rossa, houses four classrooms, the doctor’s office, a student lounge, and a professional working kitchen. Most Italian language classes are help in the Annex.

Donatello 21 – Studio Arts

Piazzale Donatello, a five-minute walk from the Villa Rossa, has for over a century been the artist district of Florence thanks to the large, well-lit studios with lofty ceilings and tall windows. Syracuse Florence is fortunate to have such an ideal location for its own painting, drawing, ceramics, restoration, and photography studios. The photography studio doubles as an art gallery when special exhibits are held, such as the Student Art Show at the end of each semester. Behind the building is a quiet, private garden for student use.

The printmaking studio is located in a separate building across from the Villino on Via della Robbia, 99.

Donatello 25 – Architecture

The architecture studios are located at Piazzale Donatello 25, a few doors down from the studio arts building. Four large studios, two computer labs, and faculty and administrative offices are located in the same building. Students have access to a spacious terrace on the second floor and a small, private garden on the ground level.