1. Is it possible to get a single room in the apartment? Can I get a single room simply by paying more for one?
    While students can request single rooms, there is no guarantee. There are very few single rooms available in the apartments and the students usually draw straws or possibly exchange rooms during the course of the semester. It is not possible to pay extra to receive a double room as a single.
  2. How are the apartments furnished and equipped? Are there laundry facilities in the apartment or apartment building?
    The apartments are completely furnished and include bedding, utensils, etc. They all have washing machines and a television, but do not have clothes dryers. There are dry cleaners located close to the school.
  3. Where are the apartments located? Are they within walking distance of facilities?
    The apartments are located within a fifteen minute walking distance to the architecture and studio arts buildings.
  4. Typically, how many students share an apartment?
    The number ranges from three to six, with an average of three to four students in an apartment.
  5. What if students choose to move independently after arrival?
    Any student who, after arrival, decides he/she wishes to live independent of Syracuse housing will have to pay a penalty of half their housing fee to do so. This is calculated based on the actual time in Syracuse housing plus half of the balance of the housing fee. This applies to both students in homestays and in apartments.
  6. What if students switch from one apartment to another for justifiable reasons?
    These students would pay no penalty.
  7. What if students wish to move from an apartment into a homestay?
    There is usually no cost.