Students Welcomed by Florence Mayor

On February 7 four of our students attended Welcome Day 2024 in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s city hall. The event took place in the grandiose Salone dei Cinquecento which is decorated with 16th-century frescoes and Renaissance marble statues. “It was a great event, and I was able to speak to the mayor!” enthused Jean Castilla, who took the photos published here.

Jean Castilla in front of the camera

The gathering of some 200 American study abroad participants has become an annual tradition in which city officials mark the special relationship between Florence and the United States. As town councilor Elisabetta Meucci told T24 newspaper:

“The relationship with young Americans has long been special for our city, both for our strong ties with the US and because young Americans increasingly believe that studying in Florence is a significant part of their education.”

Indeed, a record 18 thousand American students will be residing temporarily in Florence this year.