Santiago Global Ambassadors

Name: Angelique Bey ’22

Major: Television, Radio, & Film and Spanish Literature, Language, & Culture

Semesters abroad: Spring 2020

What was your most valuable experience abroad? Mauricio, our Center director, made the experience even more phenomenal than it already was. He was so passionate about the subjects he was teaching and not only was he our professor, but a great friend. The seminar was so much fun because I had developed strong relationships with my peers so not only were we learning, but we were traveling to unforgettable places as well. I remember specifically, one day we went to Playa Pocitos in Montevideo, Uruguay, and I checked social media to see what was going on in Syracuse, and it was a crazy snow day. Not once while I was abroad did I want to come home or felt homesick, and that was because the staff was very good at checking in with us and making sure we were always comfortable and safe. Even though last semester was very unexpected due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Mauricio and Paula handled it very well, and we all stayed safe and healthy. I learned so much about the southern cone during my time abroad thanks to Mauricio and Paula, and I am eternally grateful for my experiences before I had to return to the US.


Topics I’m comfortable discussing: Staying in touch with friends & family, Adjusting to a foreign language, Cultural Immersion, Living with a host family, Race & Ethnicity, Selecting a program option