Art History

Courses in Italian art history are taught by internationally renowned scholars with topics ranging from ancient to modern art and architecture. Classes are held on campus and also frequently on site, enabling students to study original works of art and architecture often in their original settings. Course-related trips may include visits to Sicily, Rome, Venice, Pompeii or Carrara, as well as to lesser-known cities and regions in Italy.

Throughout the courses, students will address questions such as: How did artists express themselves? How have viewers reacted to these works, both today and in the past? How did patrons use works of art and architecture to convey specific messages? How does an understanding of art history relate to contemporary culture?

Whether art history majors or taking art history for the first time, students are given the opportunity to understand and appreciate the cities, monuments, and works of art they will see while living in Italy. Learning about visual languages can enrich one’s ability to analyze works from different periods and places, as well as stimulate one’s own artistic and intellectual creativity.