Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business

Humanities, Social Sciences and Business courses offer students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of many aspects of Italian and European society. A wide variety of courses are taught in numerous disciplines from anthropology to political science, from literature to management, from history to sociology, philosophy, drama, and religion.

As varied as the curriculum is, all courses share a common goal: to expose students to the changing face of contemporary Italy and Europe, providing them with the tools necessary to understand the context in which they will be living and studying. The exploration of Italy’s unique history and culture will highlight the roots of its key role today in the European Union. Students will thus be able to appreciate the challenges Italian society currently faces as the impact of globalization and mass migration transform it at a pace unprecedented in its long past.

Through select academic internships with local businesses, museums, and other public and private institutions, students can gain first-hand exposure to the complexity of Italy’s–and Florence’s–social and cultural fabric, as they integrate this “learn-by-doing” component into educational experience.

The faculty are composed of active scholars of international repute, whose courses provide a forum to share and discuss with students the latest research in their respective fields.

Courses in women’s and gender studies expose students to social and cultural differences that challenge our notions of gender roles and relations and permit a better understanding of the cultural and historical processes responsible for the perception and practice of gender in Europe as opposed to North America.