Discovery Strasbourg: Fall 2021

Discovery Strasbourg at the Ill River, Fall 2019

You’ve probably already seen photos of Strasbourg, and therefore know that it’s  one of France’s most beautiful cities.  But it’s also one of its most dynamic, and certainly its most European. Situated right on the border with Germany, and a short train ride from Switzerland, Strasbourg is the ideal place to experience the combined delights of France and its neighboring countries.  

We have prepared a special first-year program that includes enriching coursework, stimulating cultural activities, engaging teachers, strong student support, and exciting field trips. 

As part of a small group of highly motivated first-year students, you’ll be starting off your college career with an exceptional experience and a solid academic base. 

You’re on the cusp of a memorable semester.  So get ready to discover Strasbourg, and get ready to discover all that you are capable of achieving!

Program Details

Program Dates

  • Students arrive in Strasbourg: August 31
  • Discovery Orientation: August 31 – September 5
  • Classes begin: September 6
  • Mid-semester break: October 23 – November 1
  • Program ends: December 17

The Syracuse Strasbourg Center

The Syracuse Strasbourg Center is located in a recently renovated villa, just a short walk from the European Institutions and downtown.  With its classrooms, computer cluster and staff offices, the Center will be your base in Strasbourg. The high staff-to-student ratio means that you’ll always have someone to turn to if you need any kind of assistance, whether it’s for renting a bike or figuring out the local cell phone companies. We’re here to help you get the most out of your time in France!


Living with a host family is a key part of our program! Not only will you be able to practice your French on a daily basis, but you’ll gain deeper insight into French culture. You will have your own room in your host’s house or apartment, and will be provided with breakfast every morning, and dinner five nights per week. With your transportation pass (provided by Syracuse Abroad) you’ll find that it’s easy to get to the Syracuse Center.

Program Highlights

  • The Discovery Strasbourg curriculum will keep you on track with all your first-year requirements.  The 1-credit required First Year Seminar not only guides you through the challenges and adventures of being a new college student, but also keeps you connected with the Main campus for your eventual transition to Syracuse.
  • You will participate in local outings and activities designed exclusively for Discovery students. 
  • All-School Travel : Excursions in the region will give you the chance to explore Alsace and the neighboring Black Forest. There will also be longer trips to Paris and to the spectacular Swiss town of Interlaken. These trips always combine cultural activities with free time for personal exploration.  And remember, these all-school trips and excursions are covered by your program fee, and include transportation, lodging, visits and some meals.

Engage with Strasbourg:

  • Use your program-provided Student Culture Card to take advantage of Strasbourg’s rich cultural offerings.
  • Meet French and foreign students at Language Exchange Meetings.
  • Go deeper into the community by signing up for a Community field internship at a school, a non-profit organization, or even a pastry shop.
  • Attend a session of the European Union Parliament and watch Europe’s leaders debate key current issues.
  • Visit the European Court of Human Rights, just down the road from the SU Center, to sit in on a court case.

Program Requirements

  • Independent Travel: Due to international health and safety regulations, students need to limit their independent travel to France, Germany, and Switzerland. The Syracuse Strasbourg staff will share their expert advice on both well-known destinations and hidden gems. 
  • Visas: All students are required to obtain a French student visa for their semester abroad. You will receive detailed instructions and close assistance from Syracuse Abroad.
  • Fees: Due to the slightly shortened duration of the program, the program fee has been reduced from $7,500 to $5,900.

Questions about Covid-19 procedures or health and safety abroad?

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