Parent FAQs

My son/daughter notified me that they’re not feeling well. What do I tell them?

All students attend an on-site orientation upon their arrival abroad. During this orientation, they are advised of the health resources available to them for the semester, which includes local clinics, hospitals and medical facilities recommended by program staff. Students are also provided with the local emergency phone number to call, in the event that immediate assistance is necessary. Please advise your son/daughter that they should approach the local staff with their concern and assistance will be provided as soon as possible.

It is after normal East Coast business hours and I have an emergency concerning my son/daughter. Who do I contact?

In addition to the local center 24/7 emergency number available to students, Syracuse Abroad has a 24/7 emergency phone available for parents. If you have a true emergency, please call us at 1-800-235-3472 or 315.385.9487.

How does the insurance work?

Syracuse Abroad includes  a supplemental, or secondary insurance coverage as part of the student program fee. This is included on the International Student ID Card (ISIC), which is issued to all students participating on Syracuse Abroad programs. What we mean by ‘secondary’ form of emergency coverage is this: If your student needed to see a doctor, they’d need to pay for any up-front costs, and any bills received would be submitted to the ISIC insurance carrier (April Travel Protection), who would submit to the primary insurance to review for coverage first. Any fees that the primary insurance would not cover, would then be reviewed secondarily, by the ISIC insurance.

For students who do not have a primary globally covered plan, ISIC would step in as the initial reviewer, to see what would be covered. Details of what the ISIC plan with April Travel Protection covers can be found here.

It is your student’s responsibility to review their primary coverage, along with the ISIC plan, to ensure that they are adequately covered while abroad

What about prescription medications abroad?

Begin by contacting your prescribing physician to ensure you have enough to last the duration of your time abroad. Your insurance company may require you to request an extension on your student’s prescription. If you need assistance providing a letter which identifies your son or daughter’s status on an Syracuse Abroad program, please contact our Assistant Director, Student Services.

If you have specific questions on medications abroad, please contact International SOS Assistance. For more tips on medical care abroad, click here.

What is ISOS?

International SOS Assistance is a medical referral and security advisory service utilized by Syracuse Abroad. Syracuse University has a membership with ISOS, which means that students traveling on Syracuse Abroad programs receive over-the-phone benefits, free of charge. Students and parents are encouraged to contact ISOS for any medically related pre-trip advice.