Required Texts

Paperback Exchange Bookshop

Textbooks for non-language courses are available for purchase at Paperback Exchange on Via delle Oche, 4r (near Piazza del Duomo). Most books are non-refundable; it is therefore important that you not make purchases until you are sure of staying in a class.

Before purchasing books, please inform yourself of the bookshop’s refund and/or buy back policies.

At the end of the semester, non-returnable textbooks can be donated to the SU Florence Library and made available for future students.

laFeltrinelli Bookshop

Italian language textbooks are available for purchase at laFeltrinelli Librerie on Via de’ Cerretani, N. 40 (near Piazza del Duomo).

Copisteria Universale (Copy Shop)

Coursepacks may be purchased at Copisteria Universale on Via la Farina, 10r (near Piazzale Donatello).

Most coursepacks can be printed and bound while you wait. Since coursepacks are non-refundable, it is advisable that you not make purchases until you are sure of staying in a class.

Vendor policies

Please note that Syracuse Florence makes no profit from third-party vendors and takes no responsibility for how stores enforce policies and/or administer services.

Syracuse Florence Library course reserves and course packs

The Syracuse Florence Library keeps one copy of each required textbook and coursepack on reserve in the Library Office (ground floor of the Villino). Reserve books are available for 2-hour consultations on a first-come, first-served basis. Late fees will apply for any reserve texts not returned by the end of the day.

If you have any questions about textbooks and coursepacks, please contact the Library Coordinator Sylvia Hetzel ( or stop by the Library Office.