(SU communications students please note: the Newhouse School of Communications does not give department credit for internships done overseas. Internships can, however, be done for generic IPA credit.)

Prerequisites: School of Public Communications and School of Management majors, limited availability 

Alice Storyteller 

Company Description: Alice Storyteller is an independent bookstore where customers can discover new books and authors, from micro publishing houses to mastodons of publishing. Customers can take a seat in an armchair to read a book or magazine, study, or pretend to study or put on their headphones to listen to a podcast or audiobook. Alice Storyteller also runs their own book and audio club as well as organizes and hosts events and workshops in the fine arts field.

Job Description: Interns will assist with company branding and promotion as well as organization. 


  • Create social media content (videos, pictures, graphics etc.)
  • Design promotional campaigns and activities 
  • Community outreach and partnership development with international organizations
  • Event organizing/scheduling
  • Assist with select administrative duties and customer service 

Required skills: 

  • Some Italian preferred

A Thousand Joys

Company Description: Inspired by historic ornament and architecture, ancient cultures, myths and symbols, and the celestial. A Thousand Joys hand crafts jewelry using the same ancient jewelry making techniques they’ve been using here for centuries and strives to create jewelry full of sentimental and historical meaning and emotion. Precious little treasures to hold your most important memories, loves, hopes and dreams, to keep close and carry with you along your journey. Future heirlooms to cherish and pass down for generations to come.

Job Description: Interns will work mainly in the areas of communications and marketing.


  • Shadow the artist in the design process 
  • Assist with online marketing
  • Manage social media and online presence
  • Take photos of the products to publish on the website and social media pages  

Required Skills: 

  • English, to Italian required 
  • Fashion, marketing and advertising majors preferred 
  • Experience in photography and photoshop is a plus


Company Description: For over 20 years, DFCVB has been the official association for promoting Florence as a destination. Our mission is to attract top events, conferences, international weddings and quality tourism.  Within the Destination Florence macro-project, the city’s official marketplace, in 2021 the Be.Long project was born. Be.Long is a project for Florence’s temporary citizens from foreign students and startuppers to workers on extended business trips. Be.Long is a 360 ° information area within, the official marketplace of the city and partner of the Municipality of Florence. House owners and potential tenants meet on our portal in a streamlined process that is user friendly, saves time and guarantees quality.

Job Description: The candidate will support the communication department of DFCVB on the Be.Long project, to bring his/her point of view as an international students in the construction of the product, in its application and in the multiple communication activities, reporting directly to the Communications Manager. In addition, he/she will assist the Tuscany for Weddings division in communication activities regarding the website and social media.


  • Creation of textual and visual content, including social media video reels around the city
  • Support in the creation of the project
  • Social media editorial plan

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required
  • Excellent writing and editing skills, especially for social media
  • Creativity and Initiative
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Basic video making skills are considered an added value

Company Description: is a website that promotes family-friendly hotels and destinations with the goal of offering activities, hospitality and a wide range of services specifically selected to satisfy the needs of families that travel with children. The website launched in 2006 and soon became a benchmark for parents looking for high-quality and family-friendly holiday destinations including resorts, hotels, residences, etc.The website is visited by over 400,000 people monthly and over 135,000 people have subscribed to its newsletter. It has a network of over 400 family-friendly accommodations, over 80 parks and museums and, in 2010, the website was recognized by the Italian Journalists’ Association as an “online magazine.”

Job Description: Interns will assist in the research, development and publication of new hospitality related activities for families traveling with children.


  • Project research 
  • Interview representatives from museums and cultural/commercial activities that would interest families 
  • Write articles for the online magazine 

Required Skills:

  • Some Italian preferred 
  • Writing, editing and investigative skills preferred 

Cultural Association Firenze Greenway 

Company Description: The Florence Greenway is a green, urban, ecological infrastructure intended for cyclists and pedestrians, with several already-existing routes which cross UNESCO sites (Florence Historical Center and the Ville Medicee serial site) and the buffer-zone of the UNESCO Florence Historical Center site for a total of about 15 kilometers.The main itinerary follows Viale dei Colli, conceived by Giuseppe Poggi, when Florence was the capital of Italy, as an English garden on an urban scale. Today it represents an extraordinary and unique greenway. From Porta Romana to Piazza Poggi, it is an exception walk through the nature and art of the Florentine hills and affords some of the most beautiful views of the city and surrounding landscape. The Association upkeeps the grounds and promotes the routes to hikers, bikers and tourists. 

Job Description: Interns will assist with association branding, promotion and digital and community presence


  • Create social media content (videos, pictures, graphics etc.)
  • Create informational content for the association’s website 
  • Update website
  • Design promotional campaigns and activities for the greenway routes
  • Community outreach and partnership development 
  • Event planning/organizing with partners (if developed)

Required skills: 

  • English, some Italian preferred 

Curious Appetite 

Company Description: Curious Appetite Travel is a small company providing in-depth cultural food & drink experiences created by Coral Sisk the author of Curious Appetite, a food blog which started in 2010. Besides being passionate about all things Italy, Coral holds a B.A. Degree in Italian Studies from the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) with a strong background in food and wine, included being a certified Italian Sommelier via FISAR Firenze. Coral developed these tours to bridge the gap between curious travelers, fantastic food, quality drink and international culture.

Job Description: Interns will assist in the areas of communications, PR and social media management. 


  • Write and/or edit blog posts 
  • Communicate and coordinate with partner food establishments 
  • Community outreach for establishing new partner companies 
  • Assist in planning and organizing food tours 
  • Create social media content and promotional strategies 

Required Skills: 

  • English, no Italian required 
  • Communications and marketing majors preferred


EXOUT is a virtual company  that offers services for social media management, cloud computing set-up and training, and website development. Interns will assist with the management of English-language social media for local businesses. Being a virtual company, interns may choose their own schedules; however, they will be required to adhere to their schedules very strictly.

Language requisites: None.


Company Description: Flod is a communications firm and sister company of the long-running English-language news magazine, The Florentine. Flod provides a range of services from graphics and web design to digital strategy and social media marketing, as well as photo and video production. Based in central Florence, the company’s partners are an experienced creative team assisted by junior staff. We specialize in international and bilingual services and campaigns for numerous sectors, in particular the wine industry and the textile and clothing industry, with a focus on sustainability. We also work on European-funded projects. 

Job Description: Interns work with the head of digital communications on social media campaigns and copy-writing or editing English texts under the guidance of Italian staff.


  • Assist management in the development of new promotional marketing techniques for clients 
  • Create digital content for the social media platforms and websites of clients 
  • Conduct client research

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required (although the ability to read in Italian or Spanish may be helpful)

Florence is You

Company Description: Florence is You is a bimonthly newspaper focused on culture, art, exhibitions, events, traditions, food, lifestyle and life in Florence. The newspaper is printed and online and is distributed free of charge in Florence (Italy) and in other areas of the Florentine metropolitan city. “Florence is You!” brings bilingual news on how to live like a local in Florence to its readers, connecting the two dimensions of the city that often travel on two parallel tracks: those who reside and those who live here only for a period.

Job Description: Based on their competencies and field of study, interns at Florence is You will assist in activities related to P.R., marketing, design and content creation. 


  • Conduct interviews
  • Create social media content 
  • Bilingual (mother language English, fluent in Italian) interns will work on text translations
  • Community outreach research for establishing new partners and sponsors
  • Create digital designs and videos for social media and/or website 
  • Logo graphic design

Required Skills:

  • Some Italian preferred

Franky in New York

Company Description: Franky in New York ( and on social media) is a non-profit organization founded by Elena Frigenti and Massimo Basile, two New York-based Italian journalists with more than thirty years experience. Franky in New York aims at deepening the bonds between Italians and Italian Americans, telling the stories of Italian Americans far from the stereotypes, and spotlighting Italian culture and lifestyle. Their next project is a Who’s Who of Italian Americans, a sort of directory with hundreds of mini biographies of Italian Americans listed in alphabetical order. 

Job Description: In this online only internship, students will create interview essays to be featured in the Who’s Who of Italian Americans project and book 


  • Conduct interviews via zoom with the Who’s Who of Italian Americans subjects following a template developed by Elena and Massimo 
  • Write a 300 word biography on the interviewed subject 
  • Edit and revise the biography according to feedback 

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required
  • Communications and/or Journalism major 
  • Excellent writing skills 
  • Strong motivation

Girl in Florence 

Company Description: Girl in Florence is a blog run by a curious American girl living and working between Zug, Switzerland and Florence, Italy. This blog is primarily about my life in these two wonderful countries, coupled with some real talk, helpful tips, interviews with locals, celebrating artisans, travels around the world, plus a generous helping of lifestyle and food tips for the city of Firenze and beyond. Girl in Florence articles have been featured in Forbes, National Geographic, The Cut, Lonely Planet and International Living. 

Job Description: In this online only internship, Interns will assist in the area of communications, social media management and community outreach. 


  • Assist in the development of articles by researching local businesses and events 
  • Edit blog posts 
  • Create social media content and marketing strategies 
  • Plan and organize promotional activities

Required Skills: 

  • English, no Italian required 
  • Communications, marketing and journalism majors preferred

Healing Photo Art

Company Description: The unique mission of the foundation is to place large, framed photographs of nature and beautiful places from around the world in hospitals to give comfort and hope to patients and their families, visitors, and caregivers. I would suggest viewing our website and our FB and Instagram pages.

Job Description: Interns have the opportunity to assist in the promotion of Healing Photo Art as well as being contributing photographers.


  • Create social media content 
  • Video production for youtube channel
  • Contact local hospitals for photo projects
  • Photograph for exhibits
  • Develop partnerships

Required Skills:

  • English, some Italian preferred 

Human Company 

Company Description: Human Company, a Florentine group active in the H&R sector and a leader in Italy in the open air tourism sector, started in the 80s as ECV Group on the initiative of the Cardini Vannucchi family, a Tuscan family originally active in the textile sector in Prato. Thanks to a daring activity of acquisitions and investments and an experience spanning over 35 years, today the Group is the leader in Italy in the outdoor hospitality sector, with a wide and diversified tourism offer. Human Company relies on ten outdoor facilities including holiday villages and camping in town units in Tuscany, Veneto and Lazio, alongside three last generation Plus Hostels in Florence, Berlin and Prague and the boutique hotel “Villa La Palagina” in the hills around Figline Valdarno. Over the years, Human Company has diversified its business, supporting the restaurant sector by participating, among others, in the development of the innovative Mercato Centrale format.

Job Description: Interns will assist with company branding and promotion as well as organization and research. 


  • Create social media content (videos, pictures, graphics etc.)
  • Design promotional strategies and activities 
  • Community outreach 
  • Event and accommodation organizing/scheduling
  • Food and Open Air Tourism industry research 
  • Assist with select administrative duties and customer service 

Required Skills: 

  • English, some Italian preferred 
  • Strong organizational, research and people skills

International Babysitters 

Company Description: We are International Babysitters, a professional babysitting and holiday nanny agency startup. Providing quality, English-speaking & multilingual childcare to international families since 2016. Established in Florence, Tuscany we now also cover Rome, Milan, Como, London, Paris, Barcelona & Madrid. All of our babysitters are experienced, vetted to British childcare industry standards and hand-picked by our experienced recruitment team, so you can relax, knowing your children are being cared for by a babysitter who can communicate with them in your language and keep them entertained, happy and safe. We can arrange a holiday nanny to accompany your family anywhere in Europe, or a local babysitter in your travel destination.

Job Description: Social media and PR assistant for an international holiday nanny agency and travel nanny platform.


  • Assist in social media marketing and promotional campaigns 
  • Create blog posts centered around traveling with children for the company website, see here
  • Create copy and press releases
  • Conduct community outreach in order to establish partnerships with local hotels and businesses

Required Skills: 

  • English, knowledge in other languages helpful 
  • Creativity, strong writing skills and a passion for PR 
  • Strong knowledge of marketing/advertising and/or communications

Magenta Publishing

Company Description: Located in downtown Florence, Magenta Publishing offers a creative space for English-language interns in Florence. The company is the only one in the region owned and run by a professionally-accredited American journalist. Originally designed as a writer’s workshop, Magenta places emphasis on first-hand reporting as well as developing an intuition for the meaning and nuances of words.

Job Description: Work can center on the magazine Vista, Florence & Tuscany for those who would like to participate in and learn about producing a color magazine from start to finish. Month by Month is an ongoing project, and the first assignment is generally a short article for that publication before working up to longer articles that appear in Vista. Magenta interns have gone on to work at NBC, Newsweek, HarperCollins and DreamWorks. Others have done equally well, as the recipients of a Fulbright scholarship and a writing grant from Rolling Stone magazine.


  • Create content for the Magenta website, Tuscan Trends site and partner site La Repubblica 
  • Attend press conferences 
  • Research for articles and conduct interviews
  • Develop promotional content 
  • Create social media content 
  • Opportunities also in the areas of graphic design, photography, film, editing and podcast production 

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required (but preferred) 

Medici Dynasty Show

Company Description: The Medici Dynasty Show is a piece of multimedia theater covering 300 years of Florentine history through the lives of the Medici Family. 

Job Description: Interns will assist in show promotion, administrative work and ushering duties.


  • Assist administration with daily tasks
  • Develop promotional content and campaigns 
  • Assist with digital and social media marketing
  • Collect tickets and usher guests at shows

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required


Company Description: The owner of Ovotondo is a Florentine paper artist whose studio is located in downtown Florence. She uses her imaginative skills to transform pieces of paper into colorful, creative works of art with the aid of simple tools such as a paper cutter, scissors, tweezers, and glue. Each handcrafted piece is unique.

Job Description: Interns will assist with promoting Ovotondo on social media and other online platforms.

• Writing
• Curating a newsletter
• Photographing and retouching photographic images
• Video editing and exporting in various formats for social media and website

Required Skills and Equipment:
• Some Italian preferred
• Basic photographic and computer skills
• Digital camera with manual setting capabilities, large capacity memory card (32/64Gb)
• Large capacity external hard drive for storing work (recommended)

Academic prerequisites:
• APH200.1 Introduction to Art Photography, or equivalent

Suona Firenze 

Company Description: The cultural association Firenze Suona , with the contribution of the CR Firenze Foundation , the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and the patronage and contribution of the Tuscany Region , organizes an original music competition for young Italian groups and soloists each year called called Firenze Suona Contest. The competition was born and takes place in Florence but is aimed at the whole country, having no territorial limits (artists and bands from all over Italy can participate) or musical genre (all categories, languages ​​and dialects are allowed). The call for recruitment is generally opened in November and remains open until January 2022 : in this period the artists and bands admitted to the subsequent stages are selected: the quarter-finals followed by two semifinals and a final evening at the Arena Ultravox in Florence with awards and participation of guests and testimonials.

Job Description: In this online only internship, interns will assist with event branding, promotion and organization.


  • Create social media content for TikTok, Facebook and Instagram 
  • Design promotional strategies and activities 
  • Community outreach and Press Office management 
  • Assist with event planning/organization for music and literary events 
  • Assist with select administrative duties and customer service 
  • Participate in storytelling programs 

Required Skills: 

  • Some Italian preferred 
  • Strong organizational, digital and people skills

The Florentine

Company Description: The Florentine is a bi-weekly English-language newspaper published in Florence. It aims to help English-speaking visitors become better acquainted with the city of Florence and its surrounding communities. It reports on local and national Italian news and publishes an extensive list of current events in and around Florence. 

Job Description: The intern will assist with as well as develop independently articles for The Florentine


  • Conduct research for articles 
  • Conduct interviews for articles 
  • Write and edit articles of general interest for English-speaking residents and visitors to Florence

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced Italian.


Company Description: Waxmore is a Made in Florence brand, co-created by two women, Maria Cristina Manca, designer and anthropologist – and according to D-Repubblica one of the 100 women who change the world – and Elena Fortuna Di Bella Manca, communication and marketing expert. Food has always been central in all its nuances: synonymous with sharing, bond with the land, representation of part of the identity. Hence the increasingly tangible and urgent importance of changing the aesthetics of the restaurant world, and of getting involved.Thus was born WAXMORE, an innovative startup founded in April 2020. But the project has existed since 2016: over the years we have studied, investigated, networked, met people to give shape and more value to our idea. We create and produce professional uniforms with a touch of style for Food & Beverage professionals and for lovers of the sector.

Job Description: Interns of Waxmore will learn about the creation of waxmore products and how they are designed with their intended environment in mind, as well as assist in product marketing. 


  • Shadow during lab hours
  • Create marketing techniques to improve brand identity 
  • Develop graphics for food exhibitions
  • Design ad campaigns and informative flyers 

Required Skills:

  • Italian preferred

Wedding in Tuscany

Company Description: Wedding in Tuscany is an agency with a 100% Tuscan soul. Francesca, the wedding planner, organizes destination weddings in order to let our foreign couples experience the real Tuscany and live the best day of their life. 

Job Description: We constantly work for our social and website, so we are looking for someone who would like to collaborate with us to create beautiful and attractive contents for this particular business, which aims to realize the dreams of our couples.


  • Create social media content 
  • Create promotional activities 
  • Create website designs and content 

Required Skills:

  • No knowledge of Italian is necessary, although the ability to read Italian may be helpful