Prerequisites: Arts and Sciences majors, priority given to Education, Psychology, Pre-med, Human Development, Social Work and CSD majors 

Centro Allenamente

Company Description: Allenamente is a private learning and research center where children and young people, particularly with cognitive handicaps, can learn useful skills for their future. Using pedagogical principles of applied science and materials and procedures validated by the TICE learning and research center, specific educational needs of children, schools and families are attended to. Allenamente is also a practice site supervised by the Master A. B. A. program of the University of Parma and provides rehabilitation skills, homework support, remote supervision, neuro-psychomotor, speech therapy and more. Allenamente is located in Scandicci, a 30-minute tramway commute from the city center. 

Job Description: Interns will observe and assist in educational activities for children with cognitive handicaps who require specialized education. After familiarizing themselves with school procedures through observation and examining the TICE techniques and materials, interns will integrate into Allenamente work groups. Within the work groups, interns will collaborate with colleagues in the development of games and activities for learning and socialization based on the principles of applied behavior.  


  • Observe and take notes on Allenamente school procedures 
  • Acquire a basic understanding of the principles of applied behavior analysis 
  • Acquire a basic understanding of  TICE materials
  • Co-collaborate with Allenamente staff in the development of special education learning activities in accordance to the principles of applied behavior analysis 
  • Participate in socialization activities with students 
  • Assist in the administration of lessons and learning activities

Required Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of Italian preferred 
  • Education, Special Education, Psychology or Pre Med students preferred 
  • Motivation and Passion for working with children with special needs 

Cooperativa Sociale G.Barberi

Company Description: The social cooperative G.Barberi was instituted in 1990 thanks to young volunteers who felt the need to give their time, dedication and professional help to empower young adults with special needs.

Job Description: The intern will work with volunteers in the organization and participation of activities


  • Assist staff in planning and organizing activities in the arts (dance, ceramics, bricolage, gardening, weaving, music and arts and crafts)
  • Assist participants during the activities 

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced Italian
  • Interns must be able to relate well to others.

Elementary Schools

The elementary school intern works with a class of 20-25 children ages 6 to 10 assisting the teacher with classroom activities in English. In some cases the intern creates and carries out her/his own program, in others s/he follows that of the teacher. In both cases the intern is encouraged to share traditional American games, songs and folklore with the class. Recommended for students of education and the performing arts, but open to anyone enthusiastic about working with children. Available for IPA credit only.

Language requisites: Basic Italian

High Schools

The high school intern works with one or more classes of 25-30 students, ages 15 to 19, leading in-class discussions, games or other activities in English. Recommended for students of education, psychology, communications or the performing arts, but open to anyone enthusiastic about working with young people. Available for IPA credit only.

Language requisites: Basic to intermediate Italian

Istituto Comprensivo E. Balducci

Company Description: The Institute merges two different school districts, those of the schools of the Municipality of Vaglia and those of the Municipality of Fiesole. The Institute is made up of 16 school complexes. The institute, whose social context is mainly characterized by a medium-high socio-economic situation, provides a plurality of educational opportunities, thanks to the rich presence of local cultural, recreational, sporting and voluntary associations. Among the most representative associations are: Fiesole Music School, Michelucci Foundation, Primo Conti Foundation, “Narrando Fiesole” Association, Villa Demidoff Environmental Didactic Laboratory. In the complexes there are libraries, gyms, multipurpose classrooms for carrying out the various didactic activities. The Institute is equipped with multimedia stations, IWBs and technological equipment in each complex.

Job Description: Interns will mainly be involved in teaching English to middle school aged children. Depending on personal interests, study background and level of Italian, other possibilities for intern involvement can be discussed with the intern director, site and faculty supervisors. 


  • Develop and plan English lessons for the appropriate age groups 
  • Deliver lessons on the English language 
  • Plan interactive activities and materials for engaging lessons 

Required Skills:

  • English, some Italian preferred 
  • Requires a bus commute
  • Best for students without a full course load (for time blocking purposes)

Istituto Madre Mazzarello

Company Description: Since 1938 Mother Mazzarello School offers education to children in preschool and Primary school. As a Salesian Catholic school inspired by our ethos, we provide an education that is person centered, inclusive, holistic and proactive, which responds to the needs and challenges of our pupils in today’s world.

Job Description: An intern in Istituto Madre Mazzarello, you will have the possibility to work with children from ages 3 to 10. Our school aims at offering an intercultural education program so interns are encouraged to share their own language and culture with the students.


  • Assist teachers with classroom activities in English 
  • Organize intercultural workshops and games
  • Develop sport, song, dance and art activities
  • Incorporate whiteboard and/or computer room into educational activities

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required
  • Enthusiasm for working with children
  • Comfortable working in a catholic institution 

Nursery Delle Campora- La Giocomotiva

Company Description: Delle Campora is a private nursery for children from 1 to 3 years on the Florentine hill of Marignolle near Porta Romana. Using pedagogical principles of Multiple Intelligence Theory, we put the children at the center of education and favor outdoor activities. We give great attention to artistic activities too and we have an Atelier in our school. Of primary importance is our relationship with the families that we involve in parties, meetings on pedagogical topics, and other encounters.

Job Description: Interns will observe and assist with educational activities for children. After familiarizing themselves with school procedures through observation, interns will participate actively with the Delle Campora classes. Within the groups, interns will collaborate with teachers in the development of games and activities and they will be encouraged to share their own language and culture with the children.


  • Observe Delle Campora school procedures
  • Acquire a basic understanding of the principles of Multiple Intelligences Theory
  • Co-collaborate with Delle Campora staff in the development of the activitiesOrganize intercultural workshops and games
  • Develop song, dance and art activities
  • Participate in socialization activities with children, family and staff

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required
  • Education and Psychology students preferred
  • Motivation and enthusiasm working with children
  • Comfortable working outdoors


Company Description: Labsitters was formed in 2016 as a project conceived by Giulia Fantacci with the aim of offering an innovative method of teaching English to children. Labsitters employs an international teaching team who have native English-speaking backgrounds. Through activities such as play, art, cooking, science and music, our teaching staff encourage children to learn a new language spontaneously and effortlessly; allowing them to engage interactively with the language and have fun! The service is designed for children and preadolescents: in age groups ranging from 3 to 13 years. For younger children, Labsitters offers the opportunity to learn a new language and to engage in English through play, whereas for older children or those with an advanced level, we focus on several aspects of the language. These can include comprehension skills, speaking activities, grammar explanation, reading exercises and Cambridge English courses. All whilst participating in games, experiments, and creative pursuits!

Job Description: Assist in developing and carrying out educational activities in English


  • Interns will assist team in teaching lab programs 

Required Skills:

  • No Italian needed, English level C2
  • Enthusiasm and reliability 
  • Experience in working with children in childcare, entertainment or teaching

Pingu Language School 

Company Description: Pingu Language School works to make foreign language learning more accessible even to the youngest of students. In collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English, materials, certificates and exams are provided to students of all ages that carry recognition throughout educational and business institutions worldwide. Pingu’s teaching methods combine learning, cultural immersion and fun through carefully designed courses, well planned lessons, excellent materials and small class sizes arranged by similar language ability. At Pingu Language School, opportunities and experiences are just as important as grades. 

Job Description: As an intern at Pingu Language School, you will develop, conduct and assist in language learning lessons and/or activities for children ages 3-14 that are interactive and exciting. By engaging students and sharing your own cultural experiences, you will assist students in learning English both academically and intuitively.


  • Development of games, assignments and lessons for English language learning at various language levels
  • Integrate Cambridge Assessment English materials into developed activities 
  • Explain and deliver the developed activities to students
  • Collaborate with teachers on innovative language learning techniques
  • Assist students with assignments and activities 
  • Assist teachers with lessons and assignment delivery 

Required Skills: 

  • Basic knowledge of Italian 
  • Communication and Teamwork 
  • Patience, organization and creativity