History of Art

Prerequisites: Arts and Sciences and Visual Arts majors, priority given to Art History and Studio Arts majors  

Accademia Women

Company Description: Accademia Women is a yearlong research and communications project centered on historic women artists, from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, who were members of the world’s first drawing academy, Florence’s Accademia delle Arti del Disegno (AADFI). The project, spearheaded by Syracuse University and the AADFI, thanks to an Advancing Women Artists grant, supports research and raising awareness of the achievements of women artists. It involves a worldwide digital appeal to art historians, conservators, collectors and art institutions for clues regarding the whereabouts of the artists’ works today. The program foresees a “virtual challenge” to modern-day artists around the world, inviting them to create original artwork, inspired by a historic female painter, sculptor, engraver or patron at the AADFI.

Job Description: As a part of this on-line only internship, interns will attend periodic virtual meetings and create digital project content independently under the guidance of the Project Coordinator. 


  • Development of social media posts
  • Creation of blog entries
  • Construct press releases 
  • Produce various media and web content 

Required Skills:

  • English, Italian not required 
  • Strong writing skills 
  • On-line research experience and interest in art history
  • Strong digital communication skills 
  • Knowledge of graphic design and/or video production preferred 

Biblioteca degli Uffizitemporarily closed

Company Description: The Biblioteca degli Uffizi is a prestigious research library that focuses on works of art exhibited in state museums in Florence, including the adjacent Uffizi Gallery. 

Job Description: Interns will assist with data management and auction inventory.


  • Prepare auction-house catalogs 
  • Verify data on the library’s online archive 

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required 
  • Background in art history 
  • Strong organizational skills

Black History Month Florence

Company Description: The cultural association Black History Month Florence (BHMF) is the administrative body that oversees the Recovery Plan Black Culture Center and its range of programs and research platforms dedicated to promoting an awareness of black cultural production within the context of Italy.

Job Description: An internship with BHMF is dedicated to developing, promoting, documenting and archiving Black History Month Florence initiatives as well as those of its related platforms such as The Black Archive Alliance, Fischi per Fiaschi, Di Palo in Frasca, and more.


  • Develop graphic design strategies 
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Archival research and cataloging
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Exhibit curation and artist assistance 
  • Develop workshops and/or cultural activities
  • Community and cross-institutional outreach

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required 
  • Passion for art 
  • Strong cross-cultural communication skills
  • Some experience in PR/Marketing preferred 

Fiesole Musei

Company Description: For this internship students will work in the nearby town of Fiesole. Projects might include work in the town’s archaeological area (which holds the most important Roman amphitheater in or around Florence) or in the Museo Archeologico. 

Job Description: Interns will help staff and curators with daily museum activities.


  • Assist in developing information material for visitors
  • Assist in curation 
  • Give guided tours in English

Required Skills:

  • Basic to intermediate Italian
  • Requires a bus commute

Mus.e Firenze

Company Description: The Associazione Mus.e provides support to Florentine civic museums and to the city of Florence, in general. It organizes cultural programs, exhibitions, workshops and other events so that the general public might better enjoy the city’s cultural heritage and works of art. Its mission includes: providing information about and welcoming visitors to Florentine civic museums; creating self-guided tours with multimedia tools and family kits; organizing important cultural events in Florence; managing the Palazzo Vecchio bookshop; providing visitor assistance at cultural heritage and historic sites; organizing art exhibitions; and creating and promoting art projects within the contemporary arts, including the Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea.

Job Description: Interns will assist in various areas of museum management across the various museums including research, tourist assistance and visitor information analyses.


  • Conduct interviews with tourists at the exit of the various museums/monuments
  • Analyze the customer data collected
  • Shadow museum guides and ticket/information office workers
  • Conduct independent research on the history of the associated monuments

Required Skills:

  • Italian language skills preferred

Opera del Duomo (Cathedral Works Complex and Museum)

Company Description: The Opera del Duomo commission was established in 1296 to oversee the construction of the new Florentine cathedral (the church of Santa Maria del Fiore). Today, it is in charge of preserving and enhancing the monuments which belong to and make up the entire cathedral complex: the cathedral itself, Brunelleschi’s dome, the crypt of Santa Reparata, the Baptistry of San Giovanni, Giotto’s bell tower and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

Job Description: Interns will study and research the history, materials and styles of the cathedral works in order to give complete and accurate information to visitors.


  • Conduct research and study the artistic patrimony of the Cathedral works and museum 
  • Deliver tours of the main buildings and museum highlights (in English)

Required Skills: 

  • English, no Italian required

Paola Vojnovic 

Company Description: I am an art historian based in Florence, Italy and do a constellation of events online such as art history lectures and interviews with the leading experts in the field of Art History in the virtual “Paola’s Studiolo.”

Job Description: Interns would help with appointment and information organization and management as well as promotion for the Studiolo.


  • Set up and monitor Zoom calls
  • Assist with database organization
  • Create social media content and assist in social media management 
  • Conduct art research

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian necessary
  • Ideal candidate would be an art history major who loves the Italian Renaissance with strong research skills