Political Science

Prerequisites: Arts and Sciences majors. Priority given to Anthropology, History, International Relations, Political Science, Public Health and Policy Studies, and Sociology majors 

ANPI Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia

Company description: ANPI (National Association of Partisans of Italy) was founded in 1944 with the goal to bring together former partisans who fought against the fascist regime. Today the association brings together different generations united by the awareness that democracy and freedom are values that must be actively protected, stimulated, and applied. ANPI’s focus is on collecting the memories of the women, men, and events that constituted the Resistance. The association is also in constant dialogue with other national organizations that seek to fulfill the spirit of our Constitution. ANPI’s offices are located throughout Italy. In Florence and surrounding areas there are about 40 chapters. 

Job Description: Interns will learn about the history and activities of the Italian right wing party through research and information analysis and organization, with the purpose of combating facism.


  • Construct a map of the right-wing organizations in Florence
  • Provide an updated document on the communication channels and tools used by the aforementioned organizations
  • Attend meetings and conduct interviews with militants and management of right wing organizations

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced Italian required 

ARCI TOSCANA (Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana)

Company Description: ARCI is a nationwide cultural association, active in all areas of civil society. This internship allows students to get firsthand knowledge of some of the most important issues in social and political life in Italy. The Tuscan chapter of ARCI focuses on projects related to educating the public on matters of legality; advocating against the Mafia; and organized crime; and offering legal assistance to migrant workers. 

Job Description: Interns will work on a project while helping to promote the association.


  • Assist in project development 
  • Promote association’s activities 
  • Organize association events 

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced Italian
  • Best suited for political science or sociology majors

Black History Month Florence

Company Description: The cultural association Black History Month Florence (BHMF) is the administrative body that oversees the Recovery Plan Black Culture Center and its range of programs and research platforms dedicated to promoting an awareness of black cultural production within the context of Italy.

Job Description: An internship with BHMF is dedicated to developing, promoting, documenting and archiving Black History Month Florence initiatives as well as those of its related platforms such as The Black Archive Alliance, Fischi per Fiaschi, Di Palo in Frasca, and more.


  • Develop graphic design strategies 
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Archival research and cataloging
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Exhibit curation and artist assistance 
  • Develop workshops and/or cultural activities
  • Community and cross-institutional outreach

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required 
  • Passion for art 
  • Strong cross-cultural communication skills
  • Some experience in PR/Marketing preferred 

Club UNESCO di Firenze

Company Description: Centro UNESCO di Firenze is the Florence chapter of the worldwide organization whose acronym stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The chapter organizes activities and events aimed at promoting world peace and cooperation among school-aged children in and around Florence.

Job Description: Interns of Centro UNESCO will learn about the functions of an NGO and assist in the chapter’s networking and advocacy work.


  • Assist in the planning, organization and promotion of chapter events and initiatives
  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Conduct initiative research

Required Skills:

  • Some Italian preferred 
  • Strong organizational skills 

Democrats Abroad

Company Description: Founded in 1964, Democrats Abroad is the official overseas branch of the Democratic Party of the United States. Its members are US citizens living temporarily or permanently outside the United States.

Job Description: Interns will be trained to assist US citizens in various political processes and may also be asked to work on marketing and event planning and in some cases may be able to attend national party meetings in Milan, Rome, Venice or Florence


  • Assist US citizens with voter registration
  • Develop promotional events for the association 
  • Create social media content 

Required Skills:

  • English, no Italian required 
  • DAF has no formal office in Florence. As all members are volunteers, interns need to be proactive and self-starters

Forum per i problemi della pace e della guerra – temporarily unavailable 

Company Description: The Forum is a non-governmental organization that aims to further public awareness and debate on issues of war and peace. It is an independent scientific institution made up of experts from various disciplines, mainly professors of the University of Florence and of other Italian universities. The institution promotes studies and organizes courses, symposiums and seminars held by Italian and foreign experts. 

Job Description: The intern will add to the institution’s informational archives and assist in event planning.


  • Assist in the organization of an upcoming event 
  • Conduct research on specific topics

Required Skills:

  • Language requisites: Intermediate to advanced Italian
  • Recommended for students of political science and international relations

Istituto Storico della Resistenza in Toscana (ISRT)

Company Description: The ISRT is an institute for historical research that promotes the study of the anti-fascist and Resistance movement as well as a greater understanding of contemporary European and Italian history. With a library and archives consisting of more than 50,000 books and 2,500 periodicals, the institute also organizes training workshops for teachers and students.

Job Description: The intern has the opportunity to experience a remarkable Italian cultural institution while keeping archives and records, managing a specialized library, and participating in historical education programs offered to schools and other associations.


  • Conduct project research
  • Participate in a team workshop about the history and work of the ISRT
  • Prepare report/presentation/project to teach an american audience about ISRT

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced Italian.


Company Description: Libera is a network of associations, social cooperatives, movements and groups, schools, unions, dioceses, parishes, and scout groups, involved in a commitment not only against mafias, corruption, crime and those who feed them, but also strongly ‘for’: for social justice, the search for truth, the protection of rights, transparent politics, a democratic legality based on equality, a living and shared memory, and for a citizenship that lives up to the spirit and hopes of the Constitution. Libera’s mission is brought to life through activities such as education and training, youth policies, university and research, engagement and training camps.

Job Description: Interns will assist in different areas involved in the development and organization of the association’s events and activities.  


  • Conduct project research 
  • Assist in project development and organization
  • Assist in the delivery of planned activities/events
  • Assist in the promotion of the association and its events 
  • Develop and/or translate materials in English

Required Skills:

  • Some Italian preferred 
  • Passion for activism 


Company Description: The mission of UNICEF’s Florence office is to support the work carried out by this non-profit organization in helping children around the world. 

Job Description: Interns will assist in different areas of advocacy work.


  • Assist Florence office with organizing fundraising events 
  • Create content for increasing the awareness of certain topics
  • Develop strategies for enlarging UNICEF’s local network throughout the English-speaking community of Florence.

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate to advanced Italian
  • Recommended for communications or political science majors

YOUNICEFtemporarily unavailable

Company Description: YOUNICEF is the youth branch of UNICEF composed of young people who wish to support the initiatives organized by the main organization’s committee in favor of children and adolescent rights. At YOUNICEF young adults promote active participation in their communities with the aim of building a children-friendly world and giving young people the chance to speak up, share ideas and be part of a cultural, moral and social community. 

Job Description: The intern will mainly work in activity planning and organization. 


  • Plan and organize fundraising events 
  • Plan and organize awareness raising campaigns 

Required Skills:

  • Basic Italian recommended